Strange Love

Who knew that an encounter in a supermarket would result in this? Not Rose, that's for sure.


7. Attacking Louis

"HEY LOUIS!" We spoke, before running at him. He looked quite scared as he saw us both running over so he took a step back but he wasn't quick enough. We both took him down and we all fell to the floor in a heap. I ended up on top of Louis with my right leg over Lexi's and Lexi had landed next to him, legs tangled together. We sure looked strange. 

"That. Was. AWESOME!" Me and Lexi giggled. 

"What the hell Louis?!" We heard someone speak and we all looked up to see the rest of the 1D boys and 4 boys I recognized but couldn't remember where. Damn brain. 

"They attacked me!" Louis said as we all got to our feet, me and Lexi still laughing. I looked at Jake to see him staring at Zayn and he licked his lips. Oh god, this could get awkward...

"What are you girls doing here anyway?" Anna asked, a smile on her face.

"Well, Lexi thought it was a big problem that we didn't get the boys numbers, so she ended up dragging us around here!" I told her, a big smile on my face as the boys laughed. 

I walked over to Jake and leant up before whispering in his ear.

"You know if you stare at Zayn like that any longer, he might think you're planning to attack him?"

"Shut up Rose. He's just so hot and oh my god, the things I would do to him..." 

I started laughing at  him and he glared, stepping away from me. I soon stopped laughing and glared at him. We'd do this all the time, to see who would give in first. I always won though, because I'm so cool. He was never happy about that.

"ROSE! JAKE! Snap out of it!" Lexi screamed, running over and pushing me. Unfortunately, I went flying into Jake and he went falling to the floor, tripping over his big feet. I call them boats because they're that big. 

"What is it with you landing on top of guys?" Louis laughed, "First me then him!"

I quickly stood up and glared at Louis who squealed like a little girl and hid behind Harry, hoping he'd protect him. I walked over, ignoring everyone that was laughing which was basically everyone and stood in front of Harry. I looked up at him and smiled, but he didn't smile back and I frowned. What was up his ass? 

"Move please." I spoke evilly and he shot me a quick smile before stepping to the side.

"HEY! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO PROTECT ME!" Louis yelled, just as I punched him in the arm. "OW!"

Lexi fell to the ground laughing beside me and soon enough, everyone including Anna were laughing as well. Louis grabbed me and chucked me over his shoulder before running around the arena in cirlces. I squealed and started to punch him in the back but he just laughed and carried on running. I smirked and reached down and pinched his butt which made him jump and yell at the same time before he put me down to rub his butt. 

"That hurt." Louis pouted, 

"AWWW." I spoke in a child's voice, "Does ickle Louis want it kissing better?" 

I wasn't prepared for him to smirk and say yes and I could see the look in his eyes. He didn't think I would do it but what he didn't know was that I wasn't one to turn down a dare. I smirked back, walking over and bending down to place a quick kiss on his butt before standing back up and giggling at his shocked face.

"Yeah...she never turns down a dare." Jake laughed, as I walked back over to Lexi.

"Well, you seem like fun. I'm Ashton!" A blonde haired boy spoke from beside Niall. 

"I'm Luke!" The other blonde boy spoke,

"I'm Calum!" The dark haired boy spoke up,

"And I'm Michael!" The other dark haired boy with the blue streak spoke. I couldn't help but notice how gorgeous they all were, especially Luke. 

"HEY!" I smiled, waving, "I'm Rose!"

"I'm Lexi!"

"I'm Jake." I looked at Jake to see him now staring at Ashton just the same as he had looked at Zayn earlier so I nudged him in the ribs. He looked over and glared but soon stopped once he'd realized he'd been caught. Then he blushed.

"Are you two together?" The one called Michael asked, pointing at me and Jake. 

I looked at Jake, then at Lexi before we all started laughing hysterically, leaning against each other for support as we laughed and laughed and laughed. I couldn't believe he thought we were together! 

"Nooo!!! I managed to get out, "!" 

Realization all dawned on their faces as we finally managed to calm down.

What an interesting day, I thought.

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