Strange Love

Who knew that an encounter in a supermarket would result in this? Not Rose, that's for sure.


13. Almost Death Experience

Rose's POV

It's been a week since I told Luke about my past and I honestly felt relieved, because I'd finally told someone. With Lexi and Jake, they comforted me but I could tell they didn't know what to do, but with Luke it was different. He just held me and there was something about him that just calmed me down instantly. 

"HARRY!!!!" I screamed as Harry flung me over his shoulder and ran around the garden. We were all at the boys house about to put a film on when the boys started to attack me and Lexi with water guns. Jake was woriking so he wasn't with us. Anyway, me and Lexi were drenched but we'd managed to get the boys back by pouring buckets full of water over them. Mwuahaha. We're so evil but it's so fun.

"PUT ME DOWN!" I screamed, 

"NOT UNTIL YOU KISS ME!" He screamed as he pushed past Ashton, causing him to fall into the pool. Oh yeah! The 1D boys have a swimming pool in there back yard. Isn't that awesome?! If you say no then I will throw marshmallows at you and then let the unicorns chase after you because swimming pools are god damn cool!

"HOW THE HECK CAN I DO THAT IF MY FACE IS RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR BUTT!" I screamed and I heard everyone laughing at me.

"THEN I'LL HAVE TO DROP YOU FIRST!" Harry yelled out and then suddenly I was falling into the swimming pool. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Guess what I never learnt how to do? Yeah, that's right. I can't swim... I'M GOING TO FRIGGIN' DROWN!

"SHE CAN'T SWIM!" I heard Lexi yell just as I hit the water. I went plunging down to the bottom where I started to panic. I kicked out my legs trying to get back to the surface but it didn't work and I felt my body going weak.

I heard a splash before my eyes closed. 


"ROSE! BREATHE, COME ON!" I heard someone yell and my eyelids fluttered open, taking a deep breath at the same time. 

"She's awake!" Zayn, Liam and Calum yelled as I looked around. Everyone was crowded around me and I could see the worry on their faces.

"What happened?" I asked, sitting up.

"Rose, I'm so sorry I didn't know you couldn't swim and if I had known then I would have never thrown you in the pool and oh god, I wouldn't know what I would have done if you didn't wake up and I'm so so so sorry, please forgive me!" Harry rambled on.

"It's fine Harry, you didn't know. Now shut up and kiss me!" I giggled, pulling him in for a kiss.

I pulled away and smiled, looking at the others. 

"Who pulled me out?" I asked, looking around.

"Michael. The rest of us were sorta in shock."

I looked at Michael who smiled slightly and I attacked him in a hug. He did save my life!

"Thank you Mikey!" I whispered into his ear.

"You're welcome." He whispered back.


(AN: Sorry it's so short but I'm running out of ideas!)

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