Strange Love

Who knew that an encounter in a supermarket would result in this? Not Rose, that's for sure.


9. 2 Weeks Later


(A/N: Sorry for the time skip guys, but I have no idea where I'm actually going with this! It wasn't supposed to be a story, just a one shot so I'm just updating as I go along so I hope you are all enjoying reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!)


The past 2 weeks had been great! Me, Jake and Lexi have started hanging around with 5 Seconds Of Summer because One Direction had been so busy with their shows around the UK. Lexi and Niall started dating a few days ago and they've amazing together. Makes me miss Harry..

Yeah, so things between me and Harry hadn't gotten anywhere. After I had cried on Luke's shoulder (literally) at the arena, he put two and two together and came up with 10. In other words, he thought I liked Luke and wanted to be with him. HA! AS IF! No offence to Luke or anything but he's like my brother...that would be weird. AND INCEST! 

"ROOOOOOSE!" Jake screamed and ran into me as I walked out the front door. 

"JAAAAAAAAAAKE!" I screamed back,

"We're going to the park with the boys! 1D are coming back today so they are meeting us there!"

I nodded my head and tried not to smile at the thought of seeing Harry. I really liked him but I don't think he feels the same. Great. Not. Not at all. I want to be with MY Harry. So what if I call him mine, he is. Only in my head though. 

Me, Lexi and Jake all linked arms as we walked to the local park which wasn't that far away. Once we got there, I noticed Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton were already there kicking a football between them. I smirked as I thought of a plan and crept behind Luke, who's back was facing me. The other boys noticed me but said nothing as they caught on  to what I was about to do.

Just as Luke kicked the ball towards Calum, I jumped. I wrapped my legs around him and placed my hands over his eyes and spoke, putting on a 'manly' voice.


I had to bite my lip as I felt him tense up when I pressed a finger into his back, making him think I had a gun. I had to bite my lip and I saw the others trying to do the same but failing. One by one, the boys fell to the ground laughing. Luke shook me off his shoulder and I fell to the floor. That's when I started laughing. Luke glared at me before jumping on top of me, straddling my waist.

"That was mean!" He glared but that only made me laugh harder,

"Did you actually think I was someone else?!" I laughed,

"Until the guys started laughing, yes." He pouted, his lower lip sticking out.

"Oh my god that was hilarious!" Lexi laughed as they walked over. 

"The look on Lukey's face was priceless!" Michael spoke. 

"Payback time." Luke smirked and before I knew what was happening, he started tickling me. This was bad because I am a VERY ticklish person.

"LUUUUUUUUUKKKKKE!!!! STOP HAHAHA PLEASE, STOP!" I yelled between my laughs, 

"Say 'Luke is the best person alive and shouldn't be pranked'." 


"Then I guess I'll just have to keep tickling you." 

I struggled to get out of his grip but I couldn't get him to move. Damn Luke. Wait till I get my marshmallows. Then he'll be scared. 

"Hope we're not interrupting anything." A voice spoke and all heads snapped in the direction of the voice. One Direction stood their smiling. Harry looked pissed before he stormed off in the direction of the bench and that's what Luke got up.

"YES! FREEDOM!" I yelled happily as I stood up. I looked at everyone and saw they were giving me a look.


"Go talk to Harry, love." Liam smiled, 


"It's obvious he likes you! Plus you guys have already kissed so..." Lexi smirked. 

I stood frozen on the spot. Did Harry really like me? I thought he just kissed me because we were in the moment, not because he liked me. 

"I'll go talk to him." I spoke, before heading over to Harry.

I reached the bench Harry was  sat on, planning what I was going to say but the second I sat next to him, all thoughts flew out of my head.

"Leave me alone Lou." Harry spoke, not lifting his head out of his hands.

"It's not Lou..." I trailed off, Harry's head snapping up, his eyes meeting mine.

"What do you want?" He asked, quite harshly.

"No need to be rude." I started, "I came to speak to you, not to be snapped at."

"I'm sorry, it's just there's this girl....I really like her...."

I smirked. He'd just admitted he likes me. So the boys weren't lying to me.

"She likes you too, you know." I stated, trying not to laugh. This was a serious conversation. Not a laughing moment. Concentrate Rose.

"She doesn't." Harry met my eyes. I could see the tears in them.

"She does."

"How do you know we're talking about the same girl?"

I smirked, 'I'll get her to prove it."

"How are you going t-" I cut him off by pressing my lips to his.

It was only a short kiss but it still made me smile and the fireworks go off. Just like last time. We pulled away and I leant my forehead against Harry's.

"How did you know I was talking about you?" He asked, smiling hugely. Is hugely even a word? Oh well, it's my word now.

"Your band mates can't keep secrets." I smirked,

Then we kissed again. 

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