A Christmas Like No Other

'My dearest Carmelle, I kept your wish, BuckThorn and myself are still alive.' Edward was a soldier in WWI. He was fighting the Germans in no-mans land the day before Christmas. Was it going to be his last day alive?
A constant suspense story of a real life happening that happened on Christmas Day. But put into the words of a young man named Edward. And his point of view of the whole happening...


1. A Christmas Like No Other

My Dearest Carmelle,

                                      I kept your wish, BuckThorn and myself are still alive. I rode him in No-Mans Land. Most horses died but he pulled on through. i can still remember the whinnying of stressed horses. The thump as they collapsed to the ground, with a bullet lodged in their heart. I can remember the screams of comrades, the horses limping and myself on BuckThorn. He was camouflaged in the choking smoke but was moving slowly in the stench of rotting corpses and knee-high mud. Suddenly BuckThorn reared upwards and then fell with force to the ground. I fell too, on my arm. I lay by him as he took short, small breaths. I stroked his forelock as I lay like my comrades on the ground. i still can't believe this but BuckThorn stood up. There was a golden bullet in his right leg. He cantered back to the trenches. I found the little power in my body to scoot through the mud with my mangled arm. I fell hard into the trenches. All i remember seeing was BuckThorn unconscious at the bottom of the trench... Then i passed out...

           "Stay with me sir" called a voice, "Don't pass away on Christmas day". I opened my eyes. The warm flicker of sunlight poured through an open hole. I looked around. I was blinded on my left eye. "Just to say sir, when you fell into the trench there was a small explosion, when you were found you left side had been completely in the flames. You were too burnt to be saved. Well anyway it's Christmas day" explained the man and he smiled. I sat up. I looked at my arm. It was bandaged up. There was a sign, it said 'TEMPORARY HOSPITAL'. There was the stench of vomit, men with bullet wounds, people with broken bones. I touched my head with my good hand. There was blood. "Looks like the rats have been at you, come om. Let's try and get you walking" Suddenly i thought BuckThorn! "Where is he!" I shouted. The man looked at me blankly, "who sir?" answered the man. he looked like a doctor. With his red cross stitched on his khaki coat. his brown hair and the way he was covered in blood. "My horse!" i replied. The man looked at me blankly again. he pondered for a minute. "Oh, your horse. He's out with the German's Sir." i was speechless. 'THE GERMANS?!" I thought. "I'll show you"

            He guided me outside. The sight i saw almost made me faint. There were Germans and British in No-Mans Land. All chatting and laughing, eating and drinking. I tried to climb up the ladder towards them. But the doctor pulled me back. "Not with an arm like that" He sat me down so i could just see over the edge at what they were doing. A German soldier walked over to me. "Merry Christmas!" he kindly said as he passed me some rum and a sausage. He pulled out a photo of his wife and two children. "This is my family, i miss them but when the war is all over i will see them again" he looked at me. i looked at him. I saw BuckThorn trotting to the right of me, with other horses. a beautiful, pure white one. an elegant chesnut colour and many other horses. "Merry Christmas to you too" i answered back.

            After that they all started playing football. It was Peter who found the ball. Apparently he had found it on No-Mans Land but the weight of his bag was heavier than everyone elses. That same German passed the ball to me. I passed it to Peter. He scored a goal. I jumped up to cheer but again the doctor told me not to. Suddenly, while we were all celebrating the German's scored a goal. The match finished 1-1. Which was alright. if i was playing as well we would be winning by far. after that we sang carols to each other. All this excitement was too much so i slept with BuckThorn in the stable. His warm body next to me was all i wanted.

             Events like this, show that in a nightmare like the war there is always hope, and with hope comes faith. And i give faith to everyone who helped me pull through.


your dearest husband,



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