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For the 1shot41D competiton!:) Hope you guys enjoy:)


1. My Special Valentine

Hi, you may know me as Emily, the freak who loves to sing in the shower,or you may know me as the freak who didnt get a date to prom,you could also know me as the only girl in the school who dosnt like one direction.Yeah, its true there is a girl on the planet who dosnt like when someone is addicted to cats or likes stripes and food.I wouldnt know they would be like this,if it wasnt for my sister, Hannah.

"THATS WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL!" You hear that?Thats my sister,screaming.Shes not singing,she thinks she is but shes not.This happens almost everyday, she will come home and spill all the one direction news she found out at school.But this week is going to be diffrent.We have our anual Valentine week off this week, so she wont have to bother me.Ill be in my room sleeping,all cuddled up in my warm soft bed.

^^this?Haha yeah,no.I thought i was going to have the vacation i wanted,or dreamed of so I could get away from Hannah.But no,my family has to take us on some stupied family trip to England.You know what the worst part is?One direction lives,no, was born there and my sister is freaking out.The hole plane ride there she was over-reacting saying that she will meet them and that she can feel it in her heart.Whatever,thats what I have to say.There are a million number of people in this world, not just her. Why cant she just accept the fact that she will never marry them?Shes only 15 anyway.Well, sadly were in England now and agian,shes holding her official one direction magizene bouncing up and down,great.I mean- its not like I hate one direction, but I wont listhen to there music and I dont want anything to do with them,Its as simple as that.

"MUM!We should go to the One Direction concert!There having one this Wenesday  at the Galleria!"

"Hannah,do you know how much money that would coast?Your lucky your even here."

"But its only 50 dollars!If we go we have to get tickets before they run out!'

"Hannah how in the world did you come up with 50 dollars?For a one direction concert?Sweety that band is huge it would coast more than 50 dollars to get it." Now right here at this momment,I apsolutley love my mom.You can tell she dsont like them either.Atleast someone else in my family is on my side in this.

"Its a charity event!The only concert that will ever coast 50 dollars please let me go!"  Oh great, why did she have to say charity?!My parents love to give, and will do anything to help others, and when its something like this, they will give  in.

"Well why didnt you say so?If its for charity then I think its a great idea!Your sister can take you."Those 22 words out of my moms mouth were the worst.I thought she was sticking up for me to.



Screaming girls,a big room, with barley anywhere to sit.I knew this was comming, but what I didnt know was it was going to be over dramatic.Ive went to a concert before with y friend Rayna, but it was a band called summertime, a country band.But this?This was apsolutley insane.Who would think that millions of girls across the world would come just to hear five guys sing in concert?Hello,they have a radio.We waited forever to get in,some people borught chairs,and camp outs,There crazy,apsolutley.

"Emily!What time is it?!?!" Im not going to lie to you, Hannah seemed, estatic.She was jumping up and down waiting for her five idols to come out, and there I am, standing there being surrounded by people who have a complete view of life then me,its like there brainwashed.

"Its 7:55, what time is the concert supposed to start?" I had to scream, because if you just talk normal, you will not be heard,

"REALLY?!?!?!!?!THE CONCERT STARTS IN FIVE MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!" That time, I dont think Hannah was trying to scream to get my attention...at all.

"Well you wait here im going to go get a snack." With that i left,I might as well get something to keep me company,and that was what could be my only relationship that ill ever have,food.

I went out to the stand, and nobody was there,Wow,they dont keep an eye on there stuff much,somebody could steal something.But something wasnt right here.Nobody was here,at all,wouldnt fans get hungry?Or wouldlnt haters wanna throw tomatoes at them?This was strange.......BAM!OH MY GOSH WHAT WAS THAT??!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!?I l looked around to where the noise had come from, and it seemed to be from behind me.I slowly turned around, scared to death of what could happen.I finally reached the back and I saw five faces that I didnt think I would ever see,


I woke up from my uncationess,but what happned?Did I faint?I looked around, I wasnt at the concert anymore, I was in a hotel room!But why....oh my gosh....WHERE IS HANNAH?!?!?!?I started freaking out, how did I get here?Whats going on?Where is my sister?What happned to the concert?Why am I alone?Who brought me here?It seemed like a thousand questions went through my mind at one momment. I got up from the leather black couch I was on.I searched and searched for an escape,or something that would give me anwsers.There was a small hallway behind the mini kitchen.Was this really a hotel?I walked down the hallway to find 3 doors.I was scared,but I wasnt going to just sit around.I opened one of the doors,to see a curly haired harry styles.I didnt wait.I took a spray cheese can from the fridge and sprayed it in his ear.What was the worst that could happen?I get kicked out?That was my goal.He jumped up instantly scared to death.

"Uhm,why do I have cheese in my ear?" He sounded so confused yet tired it was hillarious, but I didnt laugh, this was serious.

"I need to know why."

"Why what?"

"Why im here!What happned?!"

"Its okay!Just settle down,Me and my mate's have this figured out." Mates?What?Is he austraillen or something?He has the accent to be...but i knew otherwise.If he was,then my sister would be telling me about it.

"What mates?What do you mean you have everything under control?You dont know one thing about me and wait until I tell everyone that one direction kidnapped me!"

"Woah,woah,woah.Hold up, we didnt kidnap you, you fainted and we were helping you.What i do know is that you have a sister,and you unfortunetly hate us."


"who?" Uh,i hate when people do this.Ya know, like they dont know what im talking about?It drives me insane.

"My sister!"

"We dont have her"

"Then how would you know that i have a little sister?"

"You talk in your sleep love" Love?What am I his bride?

"Dont call me that,i need to get home now!"

"Wait,dont get out of control yet,okay?Its valentines day, a fan would die to be here right now."

"Im not a fan and I dont care about your stupied band!Just get me out of here!" When I said that I turned around to the noise of four other boys who im guessing were also in the band.

"What are you starring at?"I asked.They have no right to just stare at me like that like im fresh bacon, its rude!

"Oh, nothing love.We just heard some screaming and wanted to make sure everything was alright." The one that talked then had blonde hair, and baby cheeks.My sister has a poster of him in her room,what was his name...I think it was something like niel?Maybe....Niall?No,but I dont care I just needed to leave.

"Well everything is not okay,okay im away from my home,I dont even live in England, and my sister is somewhere I cant find and I dont even know how I got here!"

"We will bring you home soon, you passed out and we wanted to help you.Im sure your sister is fine,but its valentines day,can we atleast take you out to eat?" This one had striped pajamas, he looked kind of-sassy?It was werid.They all seemed to have diffrent personalities.There was one with a toy story hat, and the other one was looking into his relflection with a mirror!

"Fine, ill go out to eat with you,but dont think for one second that this is about you,this is about me getting home."

"Then its settled!" That was the boy with the toy story hat, well you cant blame him, everybody loves disney.

"Onward!To the car!" That was the guy who had his hair in a black updo, and a mirror in hand.I didnt really care about them,or what they thought.I just needed to get home before my family left.and the worst part?Its valentines day.


I take back everything I said!Today was the best,i couldnt have imagined it any better!The boys are amazayn, they have brilliam personalities.Zayn is so involved with himself,he carries a mirror everywhere!But its cute yet funny, because its adroable!Louis is the sas master!He loves stripes, and he is the most funniest out of everyone in the band.Liam is what we like to call, daddy direciton.The mature one, even though he gets carried away every now and then.Even though Niall is the only blonde member in one direction,hes my leprochan,and super sweet.Last but not least is Harry.The first I met of one direction.His curly hair is adorable and his love for cats is so cute.All of the boys are equal to me now like brothers,but Harry, hes diffrent.Hes the one where you want to just cuddle up when you have a bad night, or the one that will cheer you up whenever your sad.

"That is me and your dads story,now get to bed."

"But mom!Its valentines day!Please can we stay up a little longer?" My daughter alicia was begging me to let her stay up.Thats when Harry,the love of my life walked in.He saw me and kissed me on the nose.Ive always loved when hes done that.

"Alicia, listhen to your mum."

"But I want to know more!" Alicia said.I hesitated to answer,what else did she need to know?

"Like what?"

"what happned to auntie Hannah?How did you get back?"

"Your dad and your uncle's Niall,Liam,Zayn, and Louis brought me back home,Hannah had already left assuming I was already home."

"Was it a good valentines day?" When Alicia said that Harry knelt down to his knees to see her, and he whisperd in her ear,

"It was the best valentines day, that not anyone could have even dreamed about before."

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