Sometimes I Wonder

Well my story is hard to tell. I'm the geeky girl in the back of the room. You know the one that everyone thinks has nothing to say. Well I have a lot to say. And now I am going to say it.


3. The Rejection

       I woke up and dressed into  polyvore I usually wear this... Makes me feel unnoticed. Which is good thing for me.....
        Today is the last day of  high school forever!!! Then summer!!
        My "parents" are taking my little sister to England. For her birthday. I have to tag along. They adopted me because they thought they could not have any kids. Then they had her. Alliosoen. I know even the spelling of the name is wrong. Alliosoen. Not right it should be Alison. But she is turning 15 in 2 days.... She gets to go to Europe and I don't even get a party. Nope. None.
*Get to school*
*School Ends*
        Harold Eny walks up to me. I have had this crush on him since forever. He looks so cute in his polyvore. "Have a good summer." He says. "Thanks, but I won't. You have a good summer though!" I say. "Why won't you have a good summer?" I am very surprised by the question. "My parents are taking my sister to England for her birthday. They love her more than they love me.. I don't even get a party." I say. "Can I have your number?" he says. "Yeah, sure." I write it on his arm 719-624-8297. "Ok, done." He smiles and it makes my heart melt. "I will text you 'kay?" o.O Did he like just say what I think he did. "Yeah, ok!" His friend call him over. "Ok, I have to go bye!" OMFG I JUST HAD A CONVERSATION WITH HAROLD ENY!!!!
        Wait what is he doing? Is eh coming back? OMFG HE IS! "Hey, umm, M.J. if we can before you leave like umm. go out on a date?" He says.
"What? I mean sure where to? When?" I say startled he asked me out. HE ASKED ME OUT!! "Well I was thinking tonight around 7pm. Is that fine with you?" He says. " Yeah I am already done packing." I say.
        "Why were you talking to Harold Eny?" Alliosoen comes up and says. "He was wishing me a good summer." I say startle by her presence.
"Well don't talk to him he is going to be my boyfriend." She says simply. I looked at what she was wearing, it was slutty polyvore... "Oh, I would love to see that happen." I challenge "I will even ask him out right now!" She says obviously getting the point. She walks over to him and asks him out. He says no by the shake of his head and then says something.
        "Well?" I say (even I already know). "Lets just go home. Are you driving?" She says. "Yeah! come on lets go!"

I have always been a good reader but I just learned I can write too! Enjoy! Comment, heart, and favorite!


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