Sometimes I Wonder

Well my story is hard to tell. I'm the geeky girl in the back of the room. You know the one that everyone thinks has nothing to say. Well I have a lot to say. And now I am going to say it.


7. The Girl in the Dark

  We were heading to his house in complete silence. It was not the awkward silence, but the "I am thinking on what to do next." kind of silence. 
        I see an odd girl on the street. She was just standing there. Was she staring at us? Omg she was!
"Umm, Harry? Do you see that girl?" I say. 
" No, what girl?" He replies.
"The one standing by the old abandoned park."
"No one is there."
"No the girl."
"No one is there." 
"Oh well that is odd."

"Are you ok?"

"Yeah, fine"

"I love you, Well I think. I have since 2nd grade..."

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