Sometimes I Wonder

Well my story is hard to tell. I'm the geeky girl in the back of the room. You know the one that everyone thinks has nothing to say. Well I have a lot to say. And now I am going to say it.


5. The Date

        I walk into my house after the most perfect day! 
"Mom, I am all packed! A guy asked me on a date for tonight! Can I please gooo?" I say WAY to excited.
"Honey, whatever just go it is your freedom but we are leaving in two days time.." My mother says.
"WHAT DATE?!?! MARY- JEAN ARE YOU GOING OUT WIHT HAROLD?" Alliosoen says very loud.
"Yes, no need to freak out." I say walking up to my room to get ready
        I took a shower and decided that I wanted to wear this polyvore. I could not wait, but it was only 6:30. I decided to curl my hair a bit more. I read a book until I got a text from him:
Harold: Hey, you ready? I will be there soon even if I am early.. :/ 
Me: Yessa, I am ready!! <3
Harold: I can't wait! Really I can't... 
Me: Hehe <3

        Just then I hear a knock at the door! I was so happy I flew down the stairs. I knew this could not go very far, I am leaving for Europe in 2 days but, I really REALLY want to at least see why he asked me out! I open the door. He is standing there! 

“Hi, M.J. you look amazing!” He says. Do I really?

“Ummm... Well you don’t look so bad yourself.” I say very shyly.

“Not used to complements are you?” He noticed.

“No I am not.” I say. No one ever does. Not even my parents.

“Can I meet your parents?” He says. Gurr did he have to ask?

“Mom, Dad, Allioesoen I have to leave come here.” I yell

“Hi, you must be the young man taking our daughter away from us.” My mother comes out and says.

“Yes, Mrs. Marcyie. Pleased to meet you.” He says very politely.

“If only Allioesoen could find someone polite as you Mr....... oh sorry I don’t know your name. Mary-Jean never told us.” She says.

“Well I am Harold Eny, your other daughter asked me out many times but I have turned her down every time for as your see I like your daughter M.J. here.” He says. 

“We need to go.” I say.

“Ok, Bye.” He says.

We walk out to his car, and he opens the door for me. That was nice! We drive for a while in quiet. Then he talks: “Did you see the look on your mothers face when i told her I turned your sister down. It was so funny! But I was kinda scared too.” He says laughing.

“Oh yeah she thinks Ally is an angel.” I say.

“No offense but she dresses and acts like a you know.” He says.

“I know what my sister acts like and I hate what she wears” I say.

“Enough about her, tell me about you.” He says.

“Oh, um, ok. I love the color red. Sorta like blood red. It pops and it is a good color. My favorite number is 14. I hate wearing dresses. I got into really good colleges. Like REALLY good ones. But I can’t go to any of them. I---” But I got cut off.

“What do you mean you cant go to any of them?” He asks.

“My family won’t pay for me to go to college.” I say. Sadly.

“Why?” He asks again.

“Well they only care for Allioesoen.” I say.

“Well that is teraible! Why did they adopt you if they would only care for her?” He says, but I could tell he was getting mad. 

“They could not have kids so they adopted me.” I say.

“If you did not know they adopted you, you would never guess. They look allot like you.” He says. 

“No they don’t!” I yell, “Why would you think that? They are mean heartless people!”

“Oh, sorry. Good we are here.” He says, relieved.

“Sorry for yelling at you.”

“Its ok. Ready to go in?”

“Yes, Wow! The Jordin? Are you sure you want to take me here?” I was astonished.

“Yes, why not it is our first date. I do plan on many more.” He says, I was surprised at the answer. 

“Really?!” I say.

“Yes, I like you. We used to be friends but then you pushed all your friends away.” 

“You, you like me? I only pushed all my friends away because my parents made me feel like I was a bad person. Like I could never have friends.” I say.

“You are not a bad person. you are way better than them. You will go to a good college and I will go with you. I wan tot be with you. And that is exactly what I plan on doing. I am going to Europe with you too. Just so you have someone by your side. I am not giving you up again. It has already been very hard these past few years. I can’t lose my J.J. again.” I gasped at the old nickname. I could not believe he remembered the old nickname, I missed him so much too.

“Ok. I will. You can.”

“I was not asking for permission.” He says.

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