Sometimes I Wonder

Well my story is hard to tell. I'm the geeky girl in the back of the room. You know the one that everyone thinks has nothing to say. Well I have a lot to say. And now I am going to say it.


4. Harold Blane Eny

Yo, dudes out there in the world! Wazzuppp. Sorry for the odd attitude I just asked out the cutest girl ever! Her name: Mary-Jean Gaudin. I have loved her since second grade when we used to be friends. Then she rejected all the friends she had becoming an outsider. 
        I am sorry for being so rude. The name is Harold Blane Eny.  I have dyed black hair and blue eyes. My dream is to be a doctor and now I have the chance. HIGH SCHOOL IS OUT! I have a rich family and they favor me. My favorite color is TEAL. I have 3 older brothers and 5 younger sisters. Dylan, Cory, Malcolm, Me, Hayden, Bobbi, Zarah, Frankie, and Ava. From youngest to oldest. I have nothing else to say worldites, Bye!

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