Sometimes I Wonder

Well my story is hard to tell. I'm the geeky girl in the back of the room. You know the one that everyone thinks has nothing to say. Well I have a lot to say. And now I am going to say it.


2. Alliosoen Hattie Marcyle

Alliosoen Hattie Marcyie here. And before you ask no you are NOT worthy of me. Haha. I have blonde hair, and dark blue eyes. I like the color green It reminds me of the color of jealous girls. My birthday is on August 4th and I am almost 16! We are going to England for my birthday. Haha I bet M.J. would love to do something for her birthday I bet. But my parents only notice that I am here! 
        I know she likes Harold Eny but I am going to date him. Just so I can hurt her. She is better than me so I want to bring her down. She is smarter, prettier, more liked and has too much freedom, she gets the most allowance ($100 a week for me and $350 for her) and ALL the boys like her. Plus she is too modest, and nice, and EVERYTHING I am not.

Well freaks I have to go Love ya!

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