Between two <3

Krishma meets harry styles and falls hopelessly in love with him but he doesn't know that she loves him. she then spills out her feelings for him. he loves her too but rejects her because he wants to stay friends. she then meets and also fall in love with zayn malik...where will this lead to?


1. <3

Krishma met her first love harry styles,in Cheshire, his hometown. She loved him, fell hopelessly in love with this man. They became very close friends because they lived very close and they bumped into each other a lot. she could never forget about him, wavy, glossy, curly brown hair. His eyes....put her a dream.He had the cutest smile and dimples. They were gorgeous. He made her tremble with delight and loose her train of thought. One summers day, she decided to spill her feelings for him. it was very frustrating for her to hide her feelings from him. She sat him down and explained her deep, deep deep feelings. She explained how much she fell for him and how much she wanted him to know. He felt the same, but wanted to stay friends.This tore her apart. But she was delighted to know how he felt about her. The next Sunday Harry introduced Krishma to Zayn. Zayn Malik. ZAYN MALIK. she couldn't believe what she saw, those dreamy brown, glistening eyes made her swoon. His hair gleamed in the sun and was so full of volume, now Krishma was stunned. After all the introducing was over, Krishma sat on the cold, rocky beach that evening, as Zayn walked by he spotted her and he walked over and gave her company. They talked, laughed and spoke for a long time. He then unexpectedly grabbed her face with both his hands and planted a kiss upon her lips. She felt a rush...she was OVER THE MOON! But she still had deep feelings for harry and she was torn. She started to weep, she got up and started to walk fast and yelled I cant, i cant i love the both of you to much to see you get hurt... She then immediately broke down in tears. The next day zayn wanted to talk to Krishma. She was no where to be found, he asked harry if he had seen her he said 'no i havent seen her for quite i while. where is she? i hope shes ok...'. About a week later, they were both very worried, but a letter was found on each of there doorstep that same evening. It read, "I'm so dearly sorry for running away without any goodbyes. it was too hard to speak to the men i love. i was to hurt to say anything, but it wasn't your fault that i was depressed. it was me that did it to myself, i acted like a fool, i thought i could control my feelings but i guess i cant. i couldn't  bare to see you guys get hurt, because i love you both to much to see the pain in your eyes. i left this note to say, i love you both very very very much. words cant describe how much i have fallen for you, harry and zayn. So, goodbye my loves,i really hope to cross paths with you one day, i really do..''.they were incredibly distraught. 

Two years later, a very ,very unfortunate event  took place. On the news, 'A  21 year old girl by the name of krishma kahol has been reported dead from a terrible coach accident on her way to Cheshire.'' sad thing is she died on her way to meet them .Once harry and zayn heard they were absolutely devastated. So in her memory, on the same day that she died they would go down to the beach and sing Little things.




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