New to Town

When Emily Alan moves to the little town Cory, which is on the beach, she wants to start a fresh where people don't know about her problems, and they wont judge her. But starting a new school isn't easy and people don't always like the shy girl who won't tell you anything about herself.


2. Nervously Waiting

I slid onto the cool seat of my Honda. I turned up the air conditioning as the heat of the early morning sun was already creeping its way into my car. I looked down at myself. I had chosen my outfit very carefully. I was wearing navy blue skinny jeans, a grey t-shirt and a hoodie that zipped halfway up. I wanted to blend in with the crowd.

My old school had been a bad experience for me in many ways. I was clever, always top of the class and for some reason people seemed to hate me for that. To tease me because I took the time to study for tests. I still can't see the logic in their reasoning. But since this was a new school I decided to play a different angle and be the girl that no one noticed. The girl that no one knew anything about, so they didn't know what would hurt me most.

I heard the click of the passenger car door opening and then saw Lindsay plonking herself down on the smooth leather. I glanced quickly at her before noting, 'So you didn't take mums fashion advice then?'

'No,' she replied quickly, 'like you said, I want to be independent.'

'Good for you Linds.' I told her encouragingly.

It was silent for a few moments, Lindsay was facing away from me, out the window. I wondered what she was thinking, but then it all became clear.

'I really miss him sometimes.' she said softly, her voice carried over to me as if by fairies.

'I do too,'I replied gently, and then as an afterthought I added, 'mum doesn't mean to be controlling, at least I don't think she does. I think it is just her way of dealing with it all. She doesn't want to lose us like she lost him.'

'I know that.' Again it was silent. 'I don't want people to ask questions.'

'Well, if they ask questions that you don't want to answer, pretend your a celebrity and your agent has told you not to answer any questions.' I replied with a grin.

She looked at me, and I knew she could see right through me.

'I know your nervous too. Its no use pretending, lets just be nervous together.' She suggested reaching her hand forward and resting it on top of mine. She was so wise for such a little girl.

'When did you get so wise, hey?' I laughed, 'right, well then, lets be nervous together.'

We pulled into the car park about 5 minutes later and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach. I walked alongside Lindsay along a little path where there were labels showing the direction the reception was. We followed them until we reached a big building with a little block attached to the side, with a sign saying 'reception'. Outside the air was humid so walking into the little building was like taking a deep breath after having held your breath.

'Hello, I'm Mrs Eglen, the receptionist. You must be the two new girls?' she asked from behind her desk. Mrs Eglen looked to be around her forties. She had her curly brown hair loose around her shoulders, and it looked very out of control and uncared for.

'Yes,' I replied, 'I'm Emily and this is my sister Lindsay.'

'Welcome girls, do take a seat,' She said politely, pointing to a sofa and chairs that were laid out by a coffee table. On top of the coffee table sat a vase full of lilies and a bunch of old magazines. 

I took a seat and Lindsay followed behind me, 'Thank you,' I told her.

I looked over to Mrs Eglen again and saw she was typing into her computer. As if sensing that I was looking at her looked over at me and smiled.

'I'm just letting the Headmistress know that you two have arrived and that I'll take you to your tutor groups,' She said with a quick smile. After a few more clicks of her fingers on the keys she got up and walked over to us and sat on a chair opposite from us.

Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out two pieces of paper, and handed one to each of us. 'This is your timetable, as you can see there are two PE lessons on that, but as both you girls have been signed up by your mother for guidance counseling, you will have to miss out on one of those lessons a week. If you go and see the counselor at break time, she will sort it out for you. Is that OK sweeties?' She asked with a warm smile.

Nope that was not alright, I'm sure my mother had done this on purpose. Made the stupid counseling during sport. She never wanted me doing anything that was not ultra girly and pink and fluffy. So not only was she controlling everything at home, she had also chosen to start controlling my school life as well. Sport was my stress relief. Where I could lose myself. She couldn't take that away from me.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Lindsay look at me, 'Yep, that's good,' I said nodding slightly.

'Right, well lets get going!' She replied and got up from the chair she had been sitting at, leaving a slight dent in the cushion.

Mrs Eglen led my sister and I down a brightly lit corridor. On the walls there were lots of paintings that looked like a famous artist had drawn them. I had always wanted to be able to draw, but I had never been able to. Lindsay was the child that had been blessed with the creative part of my family. She was amazing at art, drama, singing. My mum loved it. I wasn't like that so I tried to catch my mothers eye by being clever and intelligent, but she has never taken any notice. I'm the unnoticed one, who gets by, by herself. But to be honest, I don't really mind.


After a bit we got to a small room filled with people. They were sitting on desks, perching on stools with there feet resting on the tables, basically not looking very good. Mrs Eglen gave a slight cough as we walked in, and the whole room turned to look at her. Then they slowly lowered their legs and sat in their seats.

'Hello, this is Lindsay,' she told them all, 'And this is her sister Emily.' They looked at us, curiously. 'Lindsay will be joining your class, so look after her. Susan, will you be in charge of making sure she knows where she is going for the first few days?'

'Sure Miss,' said a brown haired girl. She got up from where she was sat and swaggered over to us, 'Hi, my names Susan.'

'Um, hi, nice to meet you' replied Lindsay, I couldn't help but feel sorry for her, she sounded so nervous.

Mrs Eglen turned to me, 'Right she said, ready for the next stop.' I nodded, 'Ok then, lets go,' She gave Lindsay a smile and Lindsay lifted up her hand in a wave to the both of us.

'Good luck Linds, have a good day.' I said as we turned to leave.


When it was just me and Mrs Eglen walking down the corridor i realised how nervous I really was. My hands were getting clammy in their tight grip infront of my body, but I couldn't seperate them in the fear I would start shaking. As we were walking Mrs Eglen spoke up.

'I'm sorry to say Emily but the boy I had planned to be your school buddy today isn't here so I'll have to find someone else to look after you. Then Arthur can look after you tommorow.' She told me. quickening her pace as she glanced down at her watch.

'Yeah that's fine, but if it's a hassel I'm sure I can find my way around by myself.' I replied hoping that this would be the case and I would be left alone.

'No don't be silly, it's no hassel, really!' She exclaimed as we reached a door that had a label saying '6th form R' ' Right well Emily this will be your tutor group. There are different classes but all the people in this group will be with you for your lessons. Ok let's go on in then.'

Mrs Eglen opened the door and I took a breath. There were about 20 people in the room and they all looked our way. I lowered my head so they couldn't see my whole face, but they got enough from it.

'This is Emily Allan, say hello.' It was silent, if it had been in different circumstances I probally would have laughed, but I didn't. 'Right, well Arthurs not here today and he was supposed to be showing her round, so..' Mrs Eglen glanced around the room, and looked at a very handsome boy. 'Cody, you will be showing Emily around and looking after her today, alright?'

'Yep, fine,' He looked at me. He had bright blue eyes that seemed to burn into me, we held eye contact, but I was a wimp so I broke it quickly. He had dark, untidy hair that was short at the sides of his head and long at the top. So hot. 'She'll be fine with me Miss.'

'Good to hear that Cody, well goodbye Emily, hope you have a good day.'

'Bye' I replied meekly.

When Mrs Eglen had left, the classroom returned to a loud chatter and I was left standing alone. Cody walked over to me.

'Lets get to class then,' He said with a wink.
















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