New to Town

When Emily Alan moves to the little town Cory, which is on the beach, she wants to start a fresh where people don't know about her problems, and they wont judge her. But starting a new school isn't easy and people don't always like the shy girl who won't tell you anything about herself.


4. Lunch

I don't know what I expected to do when I walked in the lunch room, but I didn't even think about the usual stuff, like, where was I going to sit? or who am I going to sit next to? or even What if its so awkward they make an excuse to leave? I just walked in, not thinking. 

I looked up from my tray and scanned through the room. Yeah, I should of thought this one through.

'EMILY!' I heard a shout from across the room, and my eyes followed to Cody, sitting with a bunch of his friends. On his right was the girl from class today, I'm guessing his girlfriend, but you can never tell. The table was full apart from one seat opposite 'the girl' Great.

I slowly made my way to the table stumbling slightly as I pulled out the chair to sit on. 

'Woah, careful there.' I looked up into the eyes of a dark eyed boy. 'Don't want to be dropping your food before you've had the chance to try it.' He smiled,'mind you, after you've tried it you might want to chuck it on the floor anyway!'

I giggled quietly, looking at him, he was quite good-looking. And he was funny.

'I'm Dan, by the way.' He said as I set my tray down and joined the table.

'Emily,' I replied, pouring myself some water.

'So,' Cody said suddenly, 'as your new, you probably don't know who all these people are. So,' he started, 'as you know, I'm Cody, and sitting to your right you have Dan the Man,' He smiled warmly, and so did Dan. 'This is Eric,' he pointed to boy with tanned skin and blonde hair, who waved when I looked at him, 'This is Jasmine, but we call her Jaz,' she smiled.

'Hey, yeah just call me Jaz,' she smiled again, she seemed really nice and friendly.

Cody went round the table and named all the people sitting, then he got to his 'girlfriend'. 'and this is Sophie.' He added at last.

I looked at her more closely than I had the others. She had blonde hair that was dark brown at the roots, and pale and straw like at the tips. It looked like she bleached her hair but obviously missed an appointment recently. She had dark hazel eyes, rimmed with eyeliner and a heavy dose of mascara.

'I'm his girlfriend,' she added quickly, 'so don't get any ideas,' everyone looked at me.

'No, of course not. I wouldn't...' but everyone had lost interest and had gone back to their food. Except Sophie.

'So...' she looked at me interrogatively, 'you're new, right?' I nodded slowly in response. 'Right, well, as your new there are a few things you need to know about me.' She paused and looked me icily in the eye, 'You don't mess with me, you don't double cross me, and you respect me. Because if you don't, well, lets just say you will be wanting to move to a whole different school.' She blinked, 'it's happened before and I'm sure that it will happen again. But you don't want it to be you do you now?'

I shook my head carefully.

'Good,' she smiled happily, then looked over at Cody and laughed whilst wiping a bit of food of his jumper. 'Oh hunny, you spilt some!' She glanced at me before leaning into kiss Cody. 

I don't think I was the only one who felt uncomfortable as Jaz screeched, 'Eeeewww! Get a room guys!' 

Great, well that went well...












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