New to Town

When Emily Alan moves to the little town Cory, which is on the beach, she wants to start a fresh where people don't know about her problems, and they wont judge her. But starting a new school isn't easy and people don't always like the shy girl who won't tell you anything about herself.


1. A new beginning

Getting out of bed, I pulled on my slippers and made my way through the dimly lit corridor. Padding into the kitchen, I looked at my mother. She was standing over Lindsay with a smile on her face. Those smiles always came and went so quickly it was best to not get too excited. Lindsay caught my eye and grinned. Having been through what she had, I had to wonder how she could do it. My mum noticing that she hadn't got her daughters full attention, then turned to face me.

'Emily, your up!' She beamed across the room at me. ' I was starting to think you would never wake up. Right, well I've made breakfast, all you have to do is eat it.' She giggled and placed a plate piled high with meat and eggs in front of me.

I didn't hesitate. Moving forward I sat down in a chair and tucked in. I loved food, it was one of my guilty pleasures, so digging into this meal infront of me was like waking up from a long sleep, literally. I was one of the lucky girls, who could eat as much as they liked, and never put on wieght, or so I'd been told. Wow, this breakfast was amazing, but one thing was missing.

'Hey, Lindsay, pass the ketchup.' I asked in a funny voice. She laughed then leaned forward, from her seat, over the table and grabbed the ketchup from the place mat where it was. My mum was a fanatic about cleanliness so our whole house was spotless, including our kitchen table which had a white table cloth laid upon it with about 10 different place mats on top of that.

'So are you two looking forward to your first day at school?' Mum asked as Lindsay placed the ketchup gently infront of my plate.

Lindsay was first to anwser. ' I'm really nervous, what if they dont like me? What if they tease me?'

'They wont,' It was me who spoke next, 'your too lovely, pretty and clever for anyone to not like you!'

'Yeah right, you have too say that. Your my sister! But what about you, you're nervous aswell, right?' She replied readjusting herself on her seat.

'Um a little,' I nodded. What a massive lie. I was bricking it. Leaving my old school and my friends, was the hardess thing i have done. I wasn't that popular so to of had the friends I did, still leaves me shocked. Starting all over again with a bunch of new people, to me seemed like madness. But I guess that my opinion wasn't a big factor in the equation.

'Oh honey, don't worry, you'll be absolutely fine!' She then turned to Lindsay, 'Now Lindsay, I know that you are already dressed, but I bought you a lovely new outfit that would would make your beautiful blue eyes look absolutely amazing. If you go into your room, you'll see it, I laid it out on your bed for you.' She smiled enthusiastically.

I swiveled to face Lindsay, she looked annoyed. A controlling mother was one of the few things that could knock that almost permanent smile off her face.

'Mum, I'm 12 years old, I think I can dress myself,' She replied getting up from her chair and walking up to my mum. 'I mean, I know you like to pick out my outfits, but I'm in senior school now, I'm not a baby.' she gently said, so as not to set my mother off on a tangent. I had to agree, Lindsy was not a baby, she'd been through a lot.

'Not this again, it's not childish to have your mother pick out the nicest and most stylish clothes for her daughter.' She answered angrily. Looking over at me, she scowled, 'You don't think so too do you Emily?' It was one of those questions that you were sure you weren't supposed to answer wrong, even though the wrong answer may be the truth.

I looked down at my breakfast, hardly eaten and then slowly turned my head to face Mum. 'Well, maybe it would be good for her to have a little independence.'

'Oh, I see how it is. Ganging up on me like I'm the enemy. Fine. Emily you drive yourself and Lindsy to school, I think I have a fever, so I'm going to lie down. Have a good first day.' And she stormed out of the room.

It was times like this when Mum was the most different to before. When she got angry. She used to bounce back. But now she just let everything push her further down. I looked over to the fridge. Brand new, since apparently when you move to a new house you have to completley redecorate. On it was a picture of the whole family, before it got broken appart. My mum was the prettiest person I knew. Blue eyes, blonde hair and an amazing figure. But the mother I used to have has changed so much in the past few months that I could hardly recognise her. Sure she still had all the same features, but the joy in her eyes had vanished and sorrow now replaced it.

'I'm so sorry Emily, I shouldn't have said anything. I'm so stupid.' Lindsay burst out, waking me from my trance.

Looking at her was like looking at my mother, people used to say they were like two peas in a pod. I was always said to be like my father. I think of myself now like a living ghost. Haunting the people that I love. 'No dont be silly, you go get ready and meet me outside by the car in 15 minutes, yeah?'

She nodded and walked out the room. Leaving me alone. What a great way to spend the morning of your very first day at a new school.

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