Two girls go into a fantesy land but have no clue on what to do. They are top girls in school but every one hates them but in the other land have so much fun when there perents find out they...


2. a day at school

It was a normal day at school for Jenny and poppy walking in to the building to get teased and pranked. First they find themselves standing in a some gum that Billy the bully put on the floor. Running down the corridor, Ellie and Pippa run after them calling names. As they reach the classroom the teacher is sitting at the desk pouring some whiskey out of her small, grey, scratched flask into a coffee. She quickly shoves it into her old brown bag when she sees the two girls. Jenny and poppy are the brainiest people in school and know one likes them. People like techers never notice they are being bullied or if they do, they dont want to sort it.
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