Two girls go into a fantesy land but have no clue on what to do. They are top girls in school but every one hates them but in the other land have so much fun when there perents find out they...


3. A big discover

It was Poppy's birthday and Jenny was the only guest. There was lovely party food on the neatly set table like party sausages, cheese cubes, biscuits, strawberries, raspberry and jam sandwich's. first they played hide and seak but that did not go down well as they as they were only allowed in the kitchen so went out side on the trampolin. When the girls were on the trampolin siting chatting a loud sound came from the middle of the littel woods in the garden. It was near the den they had. They went over to investigate and on the floor was a sparkling pink ball. Then as the sun came up it grew bigger and bigger and by the time it got as big as the two puzzled girls it stops and trend blue the yellow, green, purple and back to pink."wow" They shouted then suddenly pulled there hands to there mouth and looked at each other."what shall we do if my mum finds out about this she will destroy it."whispered poppy.then they hear a distant cry and went into the house and had lunch at the table they were talking about the sleep over leaning over to jenny poppy said int to her ear"we could sleep in the old tent we have. It would be fun to camp also we can look at the thing in the garden."what thing" the sharpe vioce of Poppy's mum."nothing the reapled"

Once they had finished they went up to Poppy's room as Jenny glanced out the widow a small girl was walking round the garden the ran down stairs and when they were in the garden she had gone!
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