The 2 Youtubers

So. What would life be like living with Dan and Phil? Well here is your passage into their world.


3. When I met Phil

Me and Dan are sitting entwined on the sofa when we hear the door open. Dan whispers to me 'lets hide and scare Phil!!' So we run of into Phil's room. 'Hey Dan' We hear from the front door' 'Dan? DAN' he says. 'Uh, he must be out already' He says to himself. He comes into his room and me and Dan jump onto his back. 'OMIGOD Dan!' You twat!' He says, gasping for breath. And then he sees me. Our eyes met and sparks flew. 'Phil,this is Lucy' Says Dan. 'Oh no, don't worry,I know Lucy.' says Phil. Dan looks at my Collage of York hoodie and then he says 'oooooh, you went to Uni together!!' he says. 'I am going to Sainsburys, do you want anything guys?' he adds.  'Can I have a pack of Trident Splash please Dan?' I say 'Um, a kinder egg please bro'adds Phil, and Dan is gone. 'Me and Phil look at each other , and then sat on the sofa. 'So how has your life been then Lu?' asks Phil. 'Not much, just wasting my life really.' I reply. 'Noooooo, I'm sure you aren't wasting your life Lu!' He laughs. He then looks at me and leans towards me,and pressed his lips to mine...'

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