The 2 Youtubers

So. What would life be like living with Dan and Phil? Well here is your passage into their world.


5. What?

I left the house with Dan to go shopping, and somehow we end up in Shakeaway, him ordering me the most expensive milkshake that there is. I give him a hug and we sit down, we talked and talked and talked and talked. We talked on so late that the waitress said, 'sorry, but we are closing now.' I look at my phone. 'shit, Dan,its like, 10pm!!' I say. 'We walk out of the door,arm in arm, and we wander of to a quiet alley. We kiss for about 5 mins, his hands everywhere. He gently pulls away and we walk home.

When we get in, we hear Phil talking to someone. A GIRL!!??!! Me and Dan peek through the crack in the door and see a pretty blonde sitting next to Phil on the couch. She leans in to kiss him when we burst in through the door. They both jump and then start to laugh. 'Guys,this is Dee Dee.' Phil says sheepishly. Me and Dan grin and introduce ourselves. I give Phil a funny look, and then wander into Dan's room. 'Thank God we won't have to share you anymore Lu!' Dan says and hugs me. 'You sleeping in here one night and in there the other!!' He laughs. 'I know, I am so glad that he has found someone to make him happy!!' I say still hugging Dan. Me and Dan lay down, my head on his chest,him stroking my hair, and I talk to him until I fall asleep, happy in his arms.

I wake up, still in the same position as I was last night, and I see him still sleeping. I slowly slip out of his arms and get out of bed. I wander down the hallway and open Phil's door a tad. No Dee Dee. I wander in and close the door behind me. I tiptoe over to him, poke him and then hide under his bed. I hear him grunt as he wakes up. 'Uhhh, what the hell?' He says 'wait, who did that?' I prod him from under the mattress, and then I feel him get out of bed, and I see his odd socks. He lays on the floor and looks at me. He laughs and grabs my hand. He pulls me out and hugs me....100% naked. 'umm Phil?' I say. 'Yeah?' He says, and then notices. 'SHIT!' he says. 'close your eyes Lu.' he adds. I feel him pull out of my embrace, and I keep my eyes closed until he says 'open'. I open my eyes and he is just doing up his jeans. 'that was quick Phil!' I say in shock.  I sit down on one of his 4 beanbags. 'I am so happy that you have met another girl Phil' I say to him. 'Why, am I not good enough for you?' He says angrily. 'No no no no no!!' You are lovely Phil, its just that its kinda hard to keep sharing myself, but you are still my best friend right?' I say to him. He grins and says 'yeah Lu, I was only kidding, I know how you feel.I hope that you are not mad at me for kinda wrecking things between you and Dan.' 'Phil!! You were not wrecking things!! Even Dan was OK with this whole sharing thing,cos he's you bro!! He is your bestie!!' I say laughing. 'Awwww Lu!!' he says and hugs me again. I have a feeling that things are going to be OK from now on...

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