The 2 Youtubers

So. What would life be like living with Dan and Phil? Well here is your passage into their world.


6. What the hell?

Me and Dan are sitting in the living room with Dee Dee,waiting for Phil to get home.'I'm just going to the shops to get some haribos,I won't be long' I say to them and leave the room to go and get my shoes.When I get back,I see Dee Dee snuggling up to Dan, while he was edging away from her saying,'I have a girlfriend,leave me alone.' Until he gets up and leaves the room.He runs into me and we end up in a heap on the floor laughing.'Ummmm, whats going on?' asks Dee Dee.'Oh I just got back from the shops, they were all closed.'I reply curtly.'Oh OK' she stutters.'Did you see all of that?' Dan mutters to me.' Yes, I did,' I say slowly to him.'Why don't you say something to her?' He whispers.' I want Phil to be happy.' I say sadly. He smiles 'yeah, I suppose that you're right, he had been heartbroken over  you, he needs someone else.'says Dan and wraps his arms round me.I smirk and look into his chocolate brown eyes.Phil knocks on the door.'Dee Dee, you wanna get that?' I yell to her.'She gets up and walks past us.When Phil comes in, we all scream 'HEEEEEEEY' at the same time and almost scare Phil to death. He just stands there cracking up laughing.Me and Dan laugh and then we both give him a hug and then we both wander over to Dan's room,I sit down on his beanbag.He says'close your eyes' When he tells me to open them, he is down on one knee in front of me,and then he says 'Lu, will you......will you..........m........m........marry meeeeee?' he asks, looking freaked out.'A tear slips out of my eyes.'of course I will Dan!!' I yell and fling my arms around him. He hugs me back and slips the engagement ring onto my finger, I look at my hand and see the most beautiful gold ring with a star shaped ruby.' It beautiful Dan.....' I say,and kiss him.We begin to get slightly more intense, and then something happens.A little Robin bird flies in, he perches on Dan's bed, and starts to sing,we both open our eyes in shock, and we laugh.I take a photo of it, and then our lips part, we both mooch into the hallway, where we see Phil and Dee Dee sitting on the floor facing each other.'I can't let him be with her, she is a big fat cheat and he deserves better.' I whisper, and he nods.

We will tell him once she is gone.

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