The 2 Youtubers

So. What would life be like living with Dan and Phil? Well here is your passage into their world.


4. What shall I do?

'Phil, you know that I can't complicate things between me and Dan, I mean......' He interrupts me 'but Lu, I love you, I always have, ever since collage, 2 years ago.' I sit there in total shock staring at him.  B...b....b...but.' I start but then we hear the door slam. Phil moves back a couple of centimeters so that it looks like we haven't kissed or anything. 'I'm baaaaack!' sings Dan. I get up and meet Dan and the door with a long kiss for him.

'I go back to the living room, to find that Phil has vanished. I look at Dan.'He is in love with you Lu.I have never seen anyone in love with anyone as much as he loves you.' Dan says. 'Well.....he told me while you were you were gone.' I mumble. 'I knew that he would.' Dan said, not at all angry or mad. 'look,he is probably crying or something,so go into his room and kiss him.' added Dan 'No way,I like him and everything,but I couldn't do that to you!!' I say to Dan. 'No, Lu, I want you to, just do it, for meeee?' He pleads. 'OK babe.' I say, and he wanders into the kitchen. I go into Phil's room, and shut the door behind me. 'Phil?' I say gently.I see a heap of duvet in the middle of his bed. I go over and slowly unwrap the duvet lump.Finally I see his tear streaked face emerge from the duvet lump. 'Nooooo, don't look at me!!' He laughs and looks away. 'But Phil, I love you too!' I say and I kiss him passionately. 'But what about Dan?' Phil says once we are done. 'I don't know yet Phil' I say sadly. I kiss him and leave the room. I wander over to the kitchen where Dan is making a stir fry. I give him a cuddle and feel a tear slide down my face. Will life ever be normal again?

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