The 2 Youtubers

So. What would life be like living with Dan and Phil? Well here is your passage into their world.



So, today is my wedding day!!! I hope that Phil will meet  my pretty sister Tara, as I think that they would make a great couple and I want him to get over Dee Dee. I walk into my room. I see a beautiful wedding dress hanging up on my wardrobe. What, my mum was bringing over her cruddy old one later. There was a card taped to the hanger. It said;

Wait for a few moments, I will help you.....~Dan

What was that supposed to mean? Then Dan walks in with his tux. He grins at me. ' what does the note mean babe?' I ask him. 'it means that we are going to help each other get dressed babes' he smiles. I laugh 'oh jeez Dan, what are you like?' The dress is beautiful. It is white, and slim. The bottom is thick with deep purple diamonds, and as you go up the dress, the diamonds decrease until there are hardly any left. I will look like a princess. There is also a bag of purple gems on my dressing table,a bottle of hairspray and some hair grips.'for your hair angel!' Dan says.

What is going to be the outcome of this?!

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