The 2 Youtubers

So. What would life be like living with Dan and Phil? Well here is your passage into their world.


2. The next morning...

I opened my eyes slowly and looked around. I was on a sofa, in a living room,with some fit guy snuggled up to me. OH MY GOD! My head was throbbing like hell. I got up slowly, not to wake the guy. It just came to me that I didn't know his name. I went into a room, which had a large double bed, and I opened the wardrobe. I picked up a purple t-shirt with a laser cat on it, took of all of my clothes ( not my underwear though) and I put the shirt on. When I walked out of the room, he was still sleeping, so I went to make him some breakfast. I fished my iPhone out of my bag, and checked the time. 12:30 pm. I sigh and think about Collage. I get some bacon, sausages,ketchup,eggs and beans out of the fridge and I fired up the grill, when he walks in. 'hey Lu, how are you?' He notices that I am wearing his shirt. 'Sorry, shall I go and change back into my clothes?' I say sheepishly. 'No no no! You look sexy in my clothes' he says and winks at me. I grin when he says that. I look away going bright red. He grins again and says 'by the way, I'm Dan and I'm a Youtuber.' he says 'and I live with my friend Phil who you will meet in about 2 hours as he is on the train here coming home from a BBC meeting.' he adds.  'well,I told you about myself before we fell asleep last night.' I say smiling, and I turn back to the grill. I feel his arms wrap around my waist. I turn my head to face him and I feel his lips on mine. I feel him smiling through the kiss. I think that I have died and gone to heaven in one night.....

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