The 2 Youtubers

So. What would life be like living with Dan and Phil? Well here is your passage into their world.


7. Texts

'Hey Phil, can I talk to you for a second bro?' says Dan, once Dee Dee is gone. 'Yeah, sure, what about?' replies Phil. Dan sits down opposite Phil. 'Its Dee Dee. She is a cheat' starts Dan. 'What do you mean Dan?' asks Phil. 'She..she..she threw herself at me while you were out. I pushed her away and locked myself in the bathroom until Lu came home.' 'Okay.' nods Phil, 'I will break up with her now.' He says. He picks up his phone and dials her number.'Voice mail.' he mouths at me and Dan. 'Dee Dee, this is Phil, just to let you know that I never want to hear from you again. I know that you tried to cheat on me, so I am breaking up with you. Don't call me back or reply to this, as I said, I never want to hear from you again.' he says, and hangs up. Me and Dan walk over and give him a group hug. My phone beeps. I have a text from Dee Dee saying

What is this all about with Phil? I just got a voice mail from him sprouting a load of lies. Can you ask him what is up as he is not responding to any of my calls or texts.~ Dee Dee

I want to scream in anger. I reply ;

He is ignoring you. You tried to cheat on him with Dan,my husband-to-be, you bitch. He has a reason to hate you, so just get out of our lives.~ Lu

She replies ;

WTF!?!? I never cheated on Phil! I love him, what the hell are you all on about? ~Dee Dee

Oh my God, I am going to kill her in a moment, so I reply ;

Don't lie bitch, I saw you, you were snuggling up to Dan while he was moving away, like any decent person would. Stop sprouting a load of crap and leave us all alone. You have already left one of us with a broken heart.~Lu

No reply. Good, I never want to hear from her again.

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