The 2 Youtubers

So. What would life be like living with Dan and Phil? Well here is your passage into their world.


10. After party....

I am carried out of the hall by Dan. I begin to giggle.. Then it escalates to a full scale laugh. He takes me home. We burst through the door giggling. We hear the sound different giggles coming from Phil's room. I quietly poke my head through the door. I see Phil and Katie sitting, their foreheads just touching. I smile and leave the room. I go and find my after party dress in our room. It is aqua blue with a hint of purple. It is gorgeous. I pull all of the pins out of my hair. It is all curly now. It falls down to the small of my back. I pull on the dress. The chiffon floats around me like a cloud. I love it so much. I walk out of the hall, my Laboutins in my hands. I see Katie and Phil emerge. She is wearing one of my old dresses.Teal, with gold sequins snaking up it. She looks amazing as well. Phil opts for a suit,with a tie to match Katie's dress.Together, they look amazing. Dan walks out. His tie matches my dress. I love it! I run over and give him a hug. We then all walk out of the door.  We walk out to the Range Rover. We drive for half an hour until we get to the harbor. There is a beautiful boat there. 'Your ride ladies!' Dan and Phil say in unison and carry us onto the boat, while we all laugh our heads off....

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