The 2 Youtubers

So. What would life be like living with Dan and Phil? Well here is your passage into their world.



So, the wedding was 2 years ago, and it all feels like a breeze. Katie and Phil got married 1 year ago. Their wedding was a lot of fun, the theme.....Lions. It was a good wedding, that's for sure. I am in bed now, in mine and Dan's apartment in Portugal. I wander outside through the french doors and see the pool. I look next door t where Katie and Phil are staying. Phil is on the sun lounger, not even aware that I am there. 'PHIL!!!!!!!!' I shout and then dive into the pool.I poke my head out so that I can see him. He falls of of the deck chair in shock. He looks around and doesn't see me. I can't hold in the laugh that escapes from  my mouth. Then he sees me.'LUUUUU' he yells and jumps over the short, glass fence.  I scream and duck underwater and dive to the bottom of the pool. He jumps in and attacks me. He grabs my arms and holds them behind my back and brings me to the surface. 'PHIL YOU ARE LIKE MY BLOODY BROTHER!!!' I laugh and break free. I get out of the pool. I run around the house and see the water controls. I see the WHITE CAPS button. I press it. I see the ULTRA COLD WATER FOR EXTRA HOT DAYS button and press it. Then I run back and shove Phil into the pool. Then Dan emerges, grabs me and pulls me in with him. I scream and laugh at the same time. I see Katie jump over the fence. She dives in and attacks Phil. Things are going to be okay, and I know that life will be bliss from now on....



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