Love Burns

Skylar is an ordinary girl, with an extrodinary secret. Her best friend, and next door neighbor, Tony, has always had a secret crush on her. So, I guess there are two secrets, right? Wrong, there are many secrets waiting to be unfolded. Skylar has a mysterious scar, and a hidious past, will she be able to cope with memories on her own? Will Skylar fall in love? Read to find out!


2. Chapter 1 part 2


"Skylar!" Tony called again, asking me to wait for him.

"Hurry! I need to get home!" I call back, laughing slightly.

When he finally caught up, he was panting. He looked utterly exhausted, part of that being because he spent the night at my house last night. We stayed up all night and discussed our Algebra two homework. Monday was the worst day for homework, so I was grateful it was Tuesday.

My thoughts suddenly wandered to Steven, my former boyfriend. I thought about our first date, and how he was such a gentleman. Tears appeared, like magic, they threatened to overflow. I was thankful that Tony was there to shatter the dreadful thoughts.

"Sky, are you okay? You look a little distracted." Tony asked, concern dripping from every word.

"Yeah, I'm fine, but you should spend the night at my house again. My Aunt is going to a friends house and I would hate to be alone." I said looking into his yellow-speckled green eyes.

"We'll have to get some sleep tonight, if I do. I dont want to fall asleep in class" He replied with a wide grin.

"Good, I'll race you home!" I exclaimed excitedly.

"Last time we had a race, I lost terribly. " he said starting to laugh, before continueing, "Besides, I already ran to catch up with you, I don't feel like running anymore."

"Why did you run to catch up with me?" I asked curiously, not ready for what he was about to say.

"I saw Steven back at the school yard, he was looking for you, I wanted to walk with you, make sure that you were okay." he explained with worry and concern filling his green eyes.

I abruptly stopped walking, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Fear suddenly flooded through me, my lungs started to work rapidly. Black dots swarmed my vision as I fell into the abyss of dark unconsciousness.


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