Love Burns

Skylar is an ordinary girl, with an extrodinary secret. Her best friend, and next door neighbor, Tony, has always had a secret crush on her. So, I guess there are two secrets, right? Wrong, there are many secrets waiting to be unfolded. Skylar has a mysterious scar, and a hidious past, will she be able to cope with memories on her own? Will Skylar fall in love? Read to find out!


1. Chapter 1 part 1


The air was crisp, the harsh January wind pulled at my hair, and bit at my neck as i walked. The snow crunched beneath my feet. This day reminded me of the one not long ago, when we snuck out of school at lunch. We found a shed behind the old church. That's where we shared our first kiss, before we got caught.


"Skylar!" Tony's voice ripped through my thoughts. I turned around to see my red-faced neighbor running after me. His hair was dyed black, but  his chestnut colored hair was peaking through at the top.


(A/N I shall add more later, but for now, school time!)

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