One girl, for two men

It's almost valentin's day and Jessica, has to take a difficult decision between two man Harry or Zayn, who is she going to spend the Valentin's day with ....


2. They both want you

"Hey, hum thank's" i said give him back his hug

"So, tell me what wrong Lou" i said whil i was waiting that louis sit as i can lay and put my legs on his lap still wrapped aroud my blanket.

"Nothing, why are you asking this ?" he sked me confused

"Hum, sorry is my fault i woke up at 6 Am and took my blanket came untill your house still tired this is barely if I manage to open my eyes, but otherwise it's nothing I finally think I'm sleepwalker"

"Oh, i'm sincerely sorry for you, but i think that i would now if you were a sleepwalker since we know each other and we're making sleepovers..."He said looking at me like he just said something really smart.

"Ha.  Ha" I laughed sarcastically

"What ?...."He said

"You know Lou, for me it's okay, i'm fine where i'am now so i can sleep, is not a problem for me , so, or you tell me what you wanted to or you let me sleep but if you move i will kille you! i said with a small smile and sleeping slowly.

"NO, NO, NO, i'm gonna talk, i'm gonna talk."

"Fine, so tell me what wrong .."i said laughing a little.

"Well, you know that in no more than 2 weeks it's Valentin's Day.."he said worriedly  

"Yeah... and, thank's for reminding me that for this day i'd be alone and you will be with your girlfriend" i said blowing falsely by joking

"Yeah, well this is the problem..." he said he said, not really sure about telling me, what he still didn't did

"Louis, you begin to worry me" i said losing my smile slowly

"Well, i don't know if i'm suposed to tell you that, but i thought that i have to, i mean don't worry it's not a big thing but i mean, is still something.."

"Louis, tell me now " i said as I straightening up   

"Well before going to sleep, i heard that Harry was talking to Niall about you and Zayn talking to Liam about you too but not at the same time i heard Harry talking to Niall Before yesterday when you were with us at home but you were in the bathroom, and Zayn i heard it last night...."

"What did they said about me c'mon Lou tell me "i said waiting to know what the guy's are talking about me when i'm not here.

"Well, it was the same subject "Valentin's day" and, hum....Harry said that he'll invite you for the best Valentin's day EVER, and Zayn said tha he would invite you too, to a diner and...yeah "

"Ohw, hum, but, wait , both of them , but i can't date 2 boy's unless best friend and i don't want and i would NEVER date 2 boys at the same time, and plus in would not happen" i said still a little shoked

"Why not ? " He said confused

"Because, i told you i've never dated a boy before, so i'm not going to date one of them because of one day or just because of the only reason for them to have someone to the Valentin's Day"

"Oh, yeah, that right, But reassures me, you will not stay single your whole life ?!" he said joking but still wanting an enswer

"No, no don't worry, but i mean i will not date someone just for fun i dont want that at all !!" i said reassuring him

"Ohh, great great, so what are you going to do ?"

"I dont really know Louis, i think that i will wait that it happen and if ever it does happen i will pannic and find a solution at the moment, and maybe it wont be the best choice but hum, you understand i don't want to break heart !" i said a little saldly

"Yeah i undersatand love, you know what go back home i come with you if you want to, and tommorow... i mean in 4 hours you come

back and we'll go for a walk and maybe drink something to starbucks and talk about that , okay love ? " he said slowly

"Okay, thank's Lou,"i said sleeping slowly

Louis grab me in his strong arms and drove me to my house, i gave him the key, and he put me on my bed because i fell asleep in his arms and so he didn't want me to wake up (so lovely i love him so much Louis is the best friend you coulf ever dream of !!)

~4 hours later ~

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