Just Let Me Be!

A girl named Rose is an ordinary teenager. She goes to school, has friends, and has a family. She even has a crush. But she also has a bully in her school who try's to destroy her. She just hates her life. She wishes she can start all over


4. The Text Message

I wake up from a text message from my cousin from France, Brittney, but for short Britt.

Britt: Hey Rose, Guess what?

Me: uggg hi what?

Britt: I'm coming to the UK by you and your family for a hole year and i'm going to school with you.

Me: OMG really when?

Britt: right now, i'm on the plane

Me: Cool, sorry i'm really tired, its 12:18, so i'm going to go. K

Britt: oh sorry i forgot of the time difference. Bye

Me: Bye :)

I then put my phone on my bed side and go to bed.

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