Just Let Me Be!

A girl named Rose is an ordinary teenager. She goes to school, has friends, and has a family. She even has a crush. But she also has a bully in her school who try's to destroy her. She just hates her life. She wishes she can start all over


5. The Asking

*Thump* I fell off my bed. I also hit my head on my dresser and my phone fell on my chest. "Ouch that was stupid of me" I yelled. then my mom came in. "what, what happened" she asked. "Oh nothing I just fell off my bed" I said rubbing my head. then my mom leaves. I get up and get dressed. then got my bag. I pulled out Liam's hat and put it on. I'm going to see if he noticed. I get on the bus. Liam comes on. "Hey, Nice Hat" he said taking it off. "Yeah I know" I said laughing. Then I see Niall come on. He sits in front of us. "Hey Rose, uhhh can I talk to you when we get to shool" Niall asked. "Uhhh sure" I said. I looked at Liam. we then got to school. I saw Niall. he grabbed my arm and brought me into the janitors closet. "Ummm rose Errrrr I was wondering if Ummmm you would go on a date with me" Niall asked. "Sure" I said. "okay ill pick you up at 8" he said walking out of the door. I stood there in shook. I couldn't believe that he asked me. what is Liam going to say. I then went to science class. Liam was there, I sat next to him. "hey what did Niall want" Liam asked. "Oh nothing" I said. I didn't tell him because I know he likes me cause my name is all over his Notebook. We then went on our day having a a good time. but then when i was coming out of the bathroom I saw Liz flirting with Niall. then when Liz saw me she leaned in and kissed Niall. Then Niall looked at me. I was in tears now, balling my eyes out. I ran into the bathroom. Then Liz went to class. Paige then went to Niall. "How could you do that to Rose" paige yelled at him. "It not what you think, she kissed me" Niall said starting to cry. "whatever" Paige said coming in the bathroom. "Rose where are you" Paige said. looking in the stalls. "In here" i said. "I don't feel good" I said. I then puked. "ahh rose lets take you to the nurse" Paige said. we then went to the nurse. my mom then picked me up. "what's wrong" mom asked. "nothing" I said. "Is there anyone being mean to you" she asked. "no one I don't want to talk about it" I said. we then got home. I went in my room. i took out my laptop and went on twitter. Niall asked me if we are still on for the date. I said I don't know that really hurt me, Niall. then I got off and went to sleep. I had a dream that Niall and i were dating and then he got famous and left me. I then woke up to music outside. I looked out my window. Niall was there. He was singing to me. I then went down stairs. and went out side. "What are you doing here" I said smiling. "I Love you, Rose, please would you go on a date with me" Niall asked. "Of Course" I said giving him a hug. "YES" Niall said when I gave him a hug.

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