Just Let Me Be!

A girl named Rose is an ordinary teenager. She goes to school, has friends, and has a family. She even has a crush. But she also has a bully in her school who try's to destroy her. She just hates her life. She wishes she can start all over


2. Science Class

   *BEEP* * BEEP* My alarm woke me up. I got up and went to the bathroom. My little brother was in there. I pounded on the door. "Get out, stupid." I yell at him through the door. "Geez. can't a guy go to the bathroom." he said walking out the bathroom. "No you can't." I said walking in to the bathroom. I took a shower. I got out and put my glasses on then I dry and brush my hair. I then go in my room and look for an outfit for school in my closet. I find an Aeropostale v-neck shirt and ripped jeans with converse. After i get dressed I went down stairs. My mom was making toast. "Thanks." I said taking my mom's toast that just popped out of the toaster. "Yep." my mom said. I grab my bag and go out side. My bus is here. I get on there's like no where to sit. "Hey, Rose you can sit with me." a Nerdy guy said. His name was Louis. He has a crush on me, everyone knows it. "Thanks." I said sitting next to him. He was staring at me. It was so awkward. We then got to school. I get off the bus. The bell rings right away. I start to run. Then BAM!! I get tripped by Liz dropping all my books on to the ground. She just walks away laughing. I kneel down to pick up my books. Then I see a hand reach down and grab a book. I get up. It was Niall. He handed me the book. "Rose right?" he asked. "Ummm yeah." I said. "Niall." he said. "Yeah I know. We have science and health class together." I said. "Really?" he asked. "Yeah." I said. "Oh. Can I walk you to class?" he asked. "Sure." I said. We start to walk to class. It's science so we have class together. We get to class I sit in the front next to Paige. "Hey, Paige!" I said. "Hey." she said. Then the teacher came in. She's old and mean. "Be quiet and sit down." She yelled at us. "Okay. We are picking new partners today." she said. I really hope I get Niall as my partner. "Paige and Louis, Bob and Kate, May and Liz, Niall and Rose, and Harry and Kelli" she said. I was so exited. We had to make a model of the solar system. We had a fun time researching and laughing. Then class was over. I went to math and history. Then it was lunch. I get in line and get lunch. It was spaghetti and bread sticks. I then looked for a spot to sit. Then Liz came up to me and Hit the bottom of my tray spilling all of my spaghetti all over me. "What what that for" I ask angerly and a tear comes down my cheek. She didn't say anything she just walked away and sat next to Molly, Kala, Niall, Harry, and Zayn. I go to the locker room and get my gym shirt and change into it. I then go to the lunch room and get a new lunch can sit next to Paige. We talked for a while then went to our afternoon classes. The last class is Heath class. We go and sit down. The teacher tells us that we are doing something called the baby project. It where we take a fake baby home and treat it like a real baby. And there's a wife and a husband. Then class is over and I go to the bus. I sit next to Louis. He's really nice. But I would never date him. It would wreak our friendship. Then the bus gets to my stop and i get off. I walked home and went right to bed cause i was very tired.

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