Just Let Me Be!

A girl named Rose is an ordinary teenager. She goes to school, has friends, and has a family. She even has a crush. But she also has a bully in her school who try's to destroy her. She just hates her life. She wishes she can start all over


3. New Student

I wake up. and do everything I do in the morning. I get on the bus there was an open seat, finally. i sit down while other people get on. but then at our last stop a guy I have never seen before comes on. he looks very fit. there were no where to else to sit. 'You can sit by me" I told him. "thank you" He said sitting down. "I'm Rose" I said shaking his hand. "what a lovely name, Rose. I'm Liam" He said. "Thanks, so are you new to our school" I asked. "yeah I just moved here" He said. "Where do you live" I asked. "On Gilbert's street" He said. "Oh cool I live there too" I said. "Oh sweet" he said. we then get to school. I start walking to class. Liam is following me. "Don't you have to get to class" I asked turning around facing him. "UHHH I don't know where to go" He said. "here I'll take you to the office and get your class schedule" I said. "Okay, thanks Rose" he said. "Yep" I said going to the office. "UMMM can I have Liam's class schedule" I asked the secretary. "Sure, sweetie" she said looking through some files. "here you go" she said handing me the schedule. "Thanks" I said heading out the door. I find Liam. "Here you go, it seems like your in all the same classes as me" I said handing him the schedule. we then go to class. and of course Liz is out side the door waiting. I tried to sneak in with Liam. but she saw us. "who's this" Liz asked. "Liam" I said kinda pulling him back. "I Lizzie but people call me Liz" she said. "Hi it nice to meet you" Liam said. I then brought Liam to the teacher. "This is Liam a new student" I said. "Hi, I'm Mrs. Kinley" she said. "well we don't have any other single partners. so you can join Niall and Rose's Group" she said. "Okay, its Nice to meet you" he said. we then went to Niall's and I work space. Niall was there. "Hey this is Liam" I said. "Hi im Niall" Niall said shaking Liams Hand. We worked on research again. Liam is really Nice. and I think he likes me. Go to Heath class. and me and Liam sit together. then
Miss. Gullies our heath class teacher came to me and Liam. "Liam I think you and Rose should be partners for the Baby project" she said. "UHHH okay, but i call the mom" i said. Liam and I laugh at my joke. "as long as I can be the dad" he laughed. then I looked over and saw Niall glaring at me and Liam. then when Niall noticed that I was looking at him he looked away. then class was over. I was holding the fake baby and liam was on my side. we then got on the bus there was a open seat. "So Liam wanna come over" I asked. "Sure" he said. we got off the bus and went to my house. Liam and I went to my room. I sat on my bed and Liam sat next to me. "Do you wanna do homework" I asked. "Uhhhh sure, But I already did mine" Liam said. "OHH okay wanna watch a movie" I asked. "sure, do you have Toy Story" he asked. "Yeah" I said poping in the movie. i sat back. then Liam sat back. after about  half in the movie I felt something around my shoulder. It was Liam. I looked at him and blushed. but he didn't notice. then the movie ended. i looked at liam his eyes. they were puffy. like he was crying. his arm was still around me. I got up. "you wanna stay for dinner" I asked. "Sure" I he said filled with joy. we went down stairs. there was Chinese takeout. Liam, my mom, Derek(My Little Brother), and I ate dinner and had a great time. I also had a feeling that Liam kept on staring at me. "okay it's getting late I better go home" liam said. "Okay, Bye Liam" I said. Liam left. I went to my room. Liam left his batman hat here. I put in my bag. then I went to sleep.

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