A Leap Of Faith

A poem written by a girl to her dead lover who claims insanity at the loss of him and prepares to join him.


1. A Leap Of Faith

I miss your stroke of affection

You gave me when I was hurt,

I miss your gentle gazes

To soothe me back to comfort.


I ache for the time when your

Hand was forever in mine,

The warm rush I felt through

When we were intertwined.


I miss the scent of lavender

That came from your wet hair,

As you came closer to kiss me-

You said you’d always be there.


All you gave me were fake vows,

All you spoke were lies,

You didn’t realize you’d made with me

So many unspoken ties.


For you hadn’t warned what was forgone

Didn’t give me a chance to sigh,

Too late I found out what you hadn’t said

Was that you’ll say goodbye.


I am going mad and totally insane,

I’ve completely lost my glam,

Now you see what you have done to me,

I don’t know who I am.


No! I won’t seek for another love,

Another chance to weep,

I’m coming to you high above heavens

Where together we shall leap.



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