Bertie and the quest for the Golden Monocle

Bertie, your average chap, one day discovers that there is a temple with a golden monocle inside, so, with his eyes on the prize, Bertie and his friend Adam set off on a wild humorous adventure!


4. Through the lava and flames

So, our adventurers have came to a halt at a treacherous spot of wall-hugging, of which the booby prize is death and failiure. The chaps couldn't stop here, but if this was anything to go by, the monocle room must be incredibly heavily guarded by all sorts of traps available, but we need to continue the adventure now!




"So, how do we plan to get ourselves out of this?" asked Bertie, with a puzzled expression clearly displayed on his face.

"I know about as much as you do about this Bertie, I've got a idea though-"

"Well what method is it then you bally oath!" Rudely interrupted Bertie, clearly keen to get himself away from the room.

"We could hug he walls and carry on like that, if you won't stop interrupting me during my brainstorms you cad!" Retaliated Victor, also keen to get out of the room.

They tried a few approaches to the problem. They tried to hug the walls over, which didn't work, Bertie almost fell in. They then found a way to get over there, which was throwing vines over a usefully placed hooklike  of golden stone which was on ceiling and hanging on for dear life as they did a tarzan over to the platform.

"So, how are we going to get up?" Asked Bertie inquisitivley.

"Well, we could use those trusty vines again..."Replied Victor, pulling down the vines, not noticing he was burning them

"You burnt the bally vines you bufoon!" Cried Bertie, anger going crazy inside him.

"Well, The only other option is a footstool jump..." Said Victor, sighing.


 Victor kneeled down, preparing his hands to lift Berties feet up. Bertie took a sprinting start, hopping onto Victors' hand and jumping as powerfully as he possibly could. He had made it. As he got up, he prepared his arms to pull Victor up. It wasn't easy, but as he did it he laughed with joy overfilling his head.

"We've made it!" Bertie shouted, a overconfident tone in his voice.

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