Bertie and the quest for the Golden Monocle

Bertie, your average chap, one day discovers that there is a temple with a golden monocle inside, so, with his eyes on the prize, Bertie and his friend Adam set off on a wild humorous adventure!


3. The way forward

After their recent adventures on the way TO the temple, Victor has his idea of how bad this adventure is going to be if the way there was so annoying, and the author was so terrible... Anyway, let us continue the story of our intrepid chaps!


"So, this is the inside of the temple? Very nice for something which has somehow got through tens of thousands of bally years!" Mumbled Bertie, careful not to disturb anything that may be going on.

"I agree, rather nice, isn't it?" Replied Victor.


The temples' insides, or at least, what they could say of them looked extremely nice. The walls were shimmering in a beautiful golden colour in the chaps' torches as they gazed around. The walls looked as though they were made of gold, but after a while the chaps realised it was just painted metal, and there were braziers hanging on the wall, with low embers burning calmly, just enough to light the place up with their torches off. It was very spacious as well, the ceiling was tall enough to hang majestic crimson and gold drapes with mysterious inscriptions on them, and the same was on the walls. There was no questioning that this cage was old, but it seemed to have found the secret to negating ageing, it was that beautiful and majestic that the chaps gawped.

"If the way in looks this nice, imagine what the monocle room looks like!" said Bertie with glee.


  As the chaps ventured further into this gorgeus scenery, there seemed to be vines growing on the walls, and soon they came to a huge room with a rather high roof. Near the top of the roof there was a small opening in the wall, with more torches, except this time the braziers were throbbing with a huge amount of blue fire in each one. There was a small path around the walls, but where there was no floor, there was loads of vicious, bubbling, fiery orange lava.
"I'm sure I've seen this before Bertie, was it in a movie or something?"

"I don't know, but if we wan't this monocle, we're going to have to come up with a extremely good plan as fast as we bally can!" replied Bertie, with a look of anger and confusion on his face.

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