Bertie and the quest for the Golden Monocle

Bertie, your average chap, one day discovers that there is a temple with a golden monocle inside, so, with his eyes on the prize, Bertie and his friend Adam set off on a wild humorous adventure!


2. Pain from above

The adventuer hadn't even begun yet, and the path was already hard. What would be harder than this even I don't know, and I know quite a lot! Anyway, back to the terrific twosome...





"Where are we in this bally jungle?" Asked Victor

"I honestly have no bally idea..." Replied Bertie

"You absolute fool!" Shouted Victor

Birds were startled and they flew away from the duo

"Alright, maybe we could shush now, we don't want to attract any cads!" Whispered Bertie

"Okay" replied Victor in a hushed voice

They walked through the the jungle, wary of their surroundings. It was a rather pleasant walk, the wildlife was brilliant, until a monkey threw a coconut at them.

" How are there coconuts here? This is a load of bally rubbish!" Cried Bertie

Another monkey threw a coconut, then another, then another, until there was a whole band of monkeys hanging over them and throwing coconuts!

 " I say! These monkeys are exhibiting none other than sheer lunacy old chap!" Shouted Bertie, running away, clentching his hat as he went.

The chase was foul, quite a few bumps to the head were sustained, but all in all, Bertie and Victor came out relatively fine!

" Those were some very non-gentlemanly monkeys, weren't they?" Commented Victor as they walked closer to the temple, seeing the glory of the golden blaze outside of it.


On the way to the temple, the chaps also encountered a rabid crocodile, which they ran from in a very nice fashion. But, eventually, they had got to the clearing with the temple in. It was a towering golden structure, with some menacing blaziers outside, glowing with green fire.

"Are you sure you want to do this chap?" muttered Victor to Bertie.

"Of course! That monocle would look glorious on mine,... I mean BOTH of our faces!" Replied bertie, standing tall.

The chaps had one last look at the glorious structure of the temple, before dissapearing into the dark entrance.

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