Forever and always

Millie gets to meet one direction in a couple of days apart from worrying what to wear and what to say she is hoping Liam Payne will fall in love with her but the something goes wrong with her and her sister !!


1. Beginning of it all

"Millie hurry up " Lydia said she really wanted to use the bathroom mirror "alright alright " I said pulling up the strapless blue dress and adding a dash of blush to me face I walked to the door and unlocked it there was a angry Lydia standing there "how long to u take " she said "not long " I said smiling and winking at Kate who was standing behind Lydia she was in a purple dress it looked amazing and Lydia was in a turquoise dress with her hair down Kate had her hair in a plait and I had mine in a bun with little curly bits springing down after we were all done we took some funny photos *skip the car ride* I jumped out of the car our limo driver smiled at me sweetly I handed him 20$ and arrived at the big white plasma stadium we watched as a women with long black silky hair and a big smile walked over "you girls come with me " she said we followed her into a room full of clothes and big posters of one direction I loved the room it was like my dream room I smiled ta the women and carried on walking until I got to a door that said Payne I opened it walking in there were lots of pictures every where until I fell suddenly before I hit the hard ground some strong arms caught me I looked up to see Liam holding me. It felt like heaven he smiled "are you alright " he said in his British accent "I'm fine thanks " I said standing up "can I have your name" he said "yeah sure what ever you want " I said Liam's pov

I had just caught the most beautiful girl "my name is millie " I said "and I'm Liam " I finished she blushed at me Nd smiled your really cute
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