Dance - A Harry Styles Love Story

First Impressions. Hard to overcome a bad one. When you get a the worst first impression possible, can you even consider rethinking it? What if you had to spend everyday for 6 moths with that person. What if your whole currier, no, your whole life was depending on it. And what if, above all else, that horrible first impression, was from Harry Styles.


1. Prologue




6:00pm? Time to go to work, well my night job. My real job takes up the rest of my day.


“Sammy! You’re going to be late for work.” I hear my dad say into the phone.


“I’m leaving now, love you dad. Bye.” I hung up and got ready for work. Then I got in my car and drove to the club.


Yes I work at a nightclub. And before you ask no, I am not a stripper, I'm a bar maid and sometimes a waitress when someone orders food. But that’s just my night job, my day job is much more civilized.


I walked in through the front door and put my bag down in my locker.


“Hey Sam, could you get ready early? We have a very special birthday party tonight.” My boss, Mr.O'Riliey said


“Sure, who is it for?” I asked


Is it possible he remembered my birthday? Sure it's tomorrow but anything would be nice.


“I can't tell you, he's too famous! Oh and by the way, pinch and a punch for the first of the month!” he said


Of course, even if he did remember he wouldn't have rented the place out for me.


I started setting up and getting the bar ready. I still don't get why people drink this stuff, it's discussing! Thank god I’m not 21 yet, so I’m not pressured to drink it.


"Um excuse me?" I felt someone tap my shoulder


“Sorry, we're rented out tonight, come back tomorrow, then is free.” I said to the guy standing in front of me


“Hi I'm Louis, it's my best mates birthday today, and I wanted to make sure everything is perfect for his party!" he told me


“Oh, yeah I'm Sam, right this way!" I said and started to lead him around the empty club, that was decorated in blues greens and purple.


“Yeah this is great! That's so much Sam, bye!" he said he left


“Bye.” I said and finished setting up the bar




(Two hours later)



The music was pumping so loud I could barley hear myself think. I still can't believe it is Harry Styles. That's right. Harry. Styles. Of one direction. Just let that sink in.


Now don't get me wrong I'm not a fan or anything, it's just that once the party started it took me ten minutes to convince security that I work here. And girls have been braking into he club all night, it's seriously annoying.


I started cleaning a glass and out of he corner of my eye I see someone sit down at the bar.


"May I help you?" I say without looking up


"Yeah, how hard is it for a guy to get a drink at his own party?" I hear a deep voice say, and look up. Harry Styles, I can see why girls fall for him, but this is work.


"What would you like?" I ask politely


"You, with a cherry on top" he said flashing a smug dimpled smile, which I returned with one of my signature are-you-serious-that-was-the-lamest-pickup-line-I-ever-heard.


"You can have a beer or spirit." I told him


"Beer, and three shots" he told me, and I figured I shouldn't argue, this is one jerk I don't want anger


I gave him his drinks and he chugged the beer and took the shots then walked away


I continued to take dink orders, when I heard someone call my name.


"Sam!" I turn and see my boss running to me


"What?" I asked a little nervous


"The strippers late!" he said


"What?! Katherine's never late, she loves her job!" I said (yeah, I know, but she just can't get enough of it


"I know, but she fell down in the shower and twisted her ankle. Sam don't freak out, but I need you to do it!" he said


"Wait, WHAT?! I'm not going to be a stripper!!" I talk/yelled


"I think it's a great idea" I heard someone say in an annoyingly familiar voice


I turned and saw Harry standing next to me with that same smug, dimpled smile.


"Look, I've been working for you for six months, and I've had to do some pretty wacky things, but if you seriously want me to be a stripper, then I quit!" I said and with that, I walked to my locker, got my bag and started toward the door.


"Sam, come on, we can work this out!" Mr.O'Riliey said to me


"Come on, it'll be fun, baby!" said Harry still smiling


"You disgust me!" and with that I game him the middle finger and walked out


I got to my car and drove home. I heard a ding from my phone and read the reminder.




I looked at the clock




"Well a very Happy Birthday to me" I said and pulled into my driveway

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