Dance - A Harry Styles Love Story

First Impressions. Hard to overcome a bad one. When you get a the worst first impression possible, can you even consider rethinking it? What if you had to spend everyday for 6 moths with that person. What if your whole currier, no, your whole life was depending on it. And what if, above all else, that horrible first impression, was from Harry Styles.


5. Chapter 4

Sam's POV


I walked into the studio, and noticed two things. One, the boys had just had a ‘fart’ contest, and two, I couldn’t see.


“OMG! What is that smell! It’s making me lose sight in both my eyes!”  I yelled over their laughing


“Oh, yeah, we should’ve warned you, Niall and Zayn can really pull one!” Louis laugh/talked


“Blink fast, it helps.” Liam said kindly


“Ok, if you guys keep acting like children, I WILL ask you to leave!” I said, totally pissed


“Its not my fault! I had a midnight burrito.” Niall said clearly embarrassed


“Whatever, lets just work in studio 2!” Cece said hopefully


“Ugh, ok.” I said walking out


By the sound of the door closing behind me I could tell they had all followed me out. I walked across the hall to studio 2, the smaller of the three work studios we had, not including mine. It has the same walls, mirror and bars and studio 1, except will just black paint splatters. For some reason I always felt calmer here.


“Ok, first things first, we…” I pointed to Cece and myself “need to know how well you know the song, so we can set an appropriate routine. Sing it, then I want each of you to write two paragraphs on the meaning of the lyrics, and their specific meaning to you.” I said, knowing their reaction


“Wait, WHAT! I thought this was dance class, not English!” Said Harry, his first direct comment to me of the day.


“Well, first of all, this ISN’T dance class, and if you cant respect it, then you might as well get out.” I said offended that he just called my passion and life’s work ‘dance class’. I mean, SERIOUSLY!?


“Second of all,” I said calming down, “dancing is about connecting to your emotions, and letting the audience feel what your feeling, though movement. If you don’t know the true meaning of the song, how can you connect to you emotions?” I said, and they all nodded


“Sam, I have the karaoke version of Rock me, do you want me to play that so we can here them actually sing?” Cece asked, and I agreed


The five boys stood up, walked to the middle of the room, and started once Cece played music. It was, wow. I new that they had fans, and were possibly the most famous boy-band ever, but I never expected this from a cookie cutter, bubble gum pop boy-band. Technically, great, but they had a kind of untold emotion to their singing, now all I had to do was bring it out, and have it translated into their dancing.


While watching them, I found another problem. The lyrics. It was easy to tell what they were about, and I didn’t like it. Songs on sex are the hardest to create dances to. You would think the opposite; just fill it with dirty dancing in a club you would say. No. I refuse to go down that road with any dance I create. Its cheesy and over used, and I still have my dignity. And if creating a dance for a song about sex wasn’t hard enough, I have to do it for an all boy band. That can’t turn out well.


Then the song ended, and they all celebrated saying they got it perfect.


“Ok, come with me.” I said standing up, and Cece walked out the door to the tech room. In it there were about ten laptops on two desks, two printers, cameras, and a wall filled with screens with a picture of the room where we shoot the videos on them.


“Sit at a laptop, and then you can write you two paragraphs.” I said turning to face the boys and pointing to the laptops on the desks “And don’t even think about cheating, because you will all turn them in.” I said, because it has happened before.


They sat down and started to write. Cece and I sat on our combined desk in the corner, and we played mind craft on my laptop. Ten minutes latter, I heard the printer and looked up to see that Liam saw printing his already.


“Liam, are you done already?” I asked, nicer than I have been the whole day


“Yes, I was always the best at these types of things.” He said smiling, and he handed me his paper


I read it and smiled at him. He totally understood the meaning of the song, although it was inappropriate. He even wrote that to him it reminded him of 2009, where he had his first girlfriend. It takes a lot to say something like that to almost a complete stranger.


“Great job! You totally understood the song and it get the emotions your trying to portray in your singing! Just remember to let those come though in your dancing too!” I said still smiling and gave him a hug

“Cece, take him and check if studio 1 isn’t full of toxic gas anymore. If it isn’t, do some basic dances, and if it is do the same but in studio 2, ok?” I asked, and she nodded, starting a conversation with Liam as the walked out.


“I hope you guys understood the song as well as Liam did.” I told the other four, and hoped that they did. The faster we got over this, the faster they can learn the dance and I can get away from Harry forever.


I couldn’t stand being in the same room has him for any longer, so I left to go get my lunch. When I got to the office I picked it up then left to go back to the tech room. Which contained the boy I happed to hate to most in the whole world.


Should I go back?


Yes Sam, you have to go back.


But what if I just left for a couple of minutes, that wouldn’t hurt!


You can’t leave, who knows what those four could get up to!


Ugh, you’re right!


“Oh gosh, what have you gotten yourself into Sam.” And with that I walked back to the tech room.


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