Dance - A Harry Styles Love Story

First Impressions. Hard to overcome a bad one. When you get a the worst first impression possible, can you even consider rethinking it? What if you had to spend everyday for 6 moths with that person. What if your whole currier, no, your whole life was depending on it. And what if, above all else, that horrible first impression, was from Harry Styles.


4. Chapter 3


Chapter 3


“You ready for this?” I asked them.


They just stared at me.


“Well, I honestly don’t care! You’re going to come here every week day, nine to five, and work your buts off until your routine is prefect!” I said sassily


Louis slowly raised his hand


“Yes.” I said flatly


“Um, what song are we doing the routine to?” He asked shyly


“Good question. Apparently you’re doing it to some song called ‘Rock Me’. I’m going to assume you already know it, yes?” I asked, with a glare still stuck on my face


“Yes, Sam, we know it.” Said Niall shyly


“Well, lets get started. Cece, could you play some stretching music?” I asked her, and she played ‘Good Time’ by Carly Rae Jepson and Owl City


“First some basic stretches, then call me, k?” I told Cece, who then started doing stretches.


“Yes, that means you do them too.” I told the boys, who were still standing there, dumbfounded

I walked out of the room, and sat down on my desk in the front office. How could this happen!? I asked myself.


Could this day get any worse! First he shows up with his band, then they rudely interrupt my dance, and then I have to teach them!? Could my life get any worse!?


I sit there in self-pitty for a couple more moments, but decide I should probably start thinking of a routine.


I get out my Mac-Book Pro, and YouTube search ‘Rock Me by One Direction’. I turn on the music, and quickly notice this is going to be a hard song to create a dance to, but it must be done. I start tinging of how the dance will go, and the beginning, when Cece comes in.


“Hey, were ready.” She said


“Ok.” I say miserably


“What’s wrong, hun?” she said, as she sat down next to me


“I can’t believe this is happening.” I said, and put my head in my hands


“I know! I can’t believe I’m getting to work with One Direction! Isn’t it fantastic!” she said excitedly. I couldn’t take it anymore!


“No it’s not fantastic! Harry is the biggest perv and jerk I’ve ever seen! And now I have to be within 10ft of him almost every day!” I said starting to cry


“Wait, I don’t get it. What did Harry ever do to you?” she said confused, as she put her arm around me, comfortingly


I need to tell her.


“Well…” and I spilled every detail of yesterday night, as I cried into my hands.


“Oh my God! SAM! I cant believe he did that! I’m so sorry! Ill kick them out if you want!” She said, compassionately


“No, I have to do this job! If I do, my dad said he’ll pay for the academy when it done!” I said, sobbing even harder


“Sam, look at me.’ Said Cece, a she lifted my head from my hands ‘we’re going o get through this together. I’ll me there every step of the way.” She said hugging me


“Thank you! You really are the best friend ever!” I said hugging her back


“Everything’s going to be ok, Sam. Now come on, lets get you cleaned up, so we can go teach those boys how to dance!” She said, and I got up


Oh, I hope your right Cece, I hope you’re right.


And with that, I wiped the tears of my face, and walked into the studio.

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