Dance - A Harry Styles Love Story

First Impressions. Hard to overcome a bad one. When you get a the worst first impression possible, can you even consider rethinking it? What if you had to spend everyday for 6 moths with that person. What if your whole currier, no, your whole life was depending on it. And what if, above all else, that horrible first impression, was from Harry Styles.


3. Chapter 2


Are you kidding me?!


I stood there with an annoyed look on my face, starring at 5 guys, aging about 19-21? Formally know as non-other than One Direction. But the one that caught my eye was the one in the middle, about 6ft with bright green eyes that were boring into mine, and dark brown curly hair that fell down around his face.


Harry. F*cking. Styles.


Carful not to break sassy mode, I decided to break the silence


“May I help you?” I said with a strong New York ascent, and stretching out the ‘e’ in help


“Uh, I'm Louis, and this is Harry, Liam, Zayn, and Niall, and...” Louis started to say


“And why exactly are you in my private studio?!” I said angrily


“Well, uh,” Louis continued “…that nice girl in front said to just come right in…” he said nervously


“Again, why are you here?” I said glaring at Harry


“Well, our security guard Paul, told us to meet with a guy named Sam, to be our new choreographer.” Liam said very calmly


I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t move. Sam. That’s all I could think about. Sam. There must have been some mistake. Sam. They got the address wrong. Sam. They’re suffering from memory loss. Sam.


“Ok, first, get out of the studio, second, you’re delusional.” I said pushing them out of my studio


“CECE!!” I yelled, and she came running in


“Yes?” she said, looking a little worried


“Watch them!” I said, running into the office


I was shuffling through files, notes, anything that might tell me that they aren’t the new customers.


“Yes!” I said finding a note that said ‘new clients: February 3rd, 2013’


One Direction

Song: Rock Me

A new dance for their music video ‘Rock Me’, something new and fresh, that will help kick off the year’s tour’s

Choreographer: Samantha (Sam) Whitney


I quickly read through it once. Twice. Three times. I couldn’t believe it! It isn’t possible!


I slowly walked back into the main studio, where they were all standing.


It was a big studio, with 3 white walls with Jackson Polic type painting on them and ballet bars running through them, with a 4th wall with just mirrors.


“Well, um, it looks like you are our new clients.” I said calmly, hoping that Harry or Louis wouldn’t recognise me


“So, where is this Sam guy?” Said Niall. He was a cute guy with blond hair, blue eyes and and Irish accent, the kind of guy Cece would fall for.


I stood there looking surprised and a little offended.


“You’re looking at her.” I said still in sassy mode, and thankfully Harry and Louis have not seemed to recognise me yet


“Oh, uh, sorry, I, uh…” he stuttered


“Never mind. First off, the actually dancing.” I said, wanting to get this over as quickly and painless as possible


“How, experienced are you?” I asked them


“Oh, well, we’ve danced in our music videos before.” Said Liam


“Ok, well, Cece, turn on some music. You guys show me what you’ve done.” I said, and Cece turns on ‘Starships’ by Nikki Minaj


Then it started. They ‘danced’ in the weirdest way ever, with only simple movements that didn’t co-ordinate at all. This is going to take a while.


“Stop!” I yelled over the music and Cece cut it off, and so did the guys.


“Cece, what do you think? I thinking level 1, hopefully level 6?” I ask her


“Yeah, that sounds about right.” She answered, taken aback by their performance


“Um, excuse me, but hat are you talking about?!” Harry said


“We said that in, 6 months, we will turn your dancing from that…” I gestured to them “…to this.”


Cece turned on ‘Pound the alarm’ by Nikki Minaj, the music to our level 10 dance. And we started.


It’s defiantly the hardest type of dace we can teach, so they wont get to that level, but close to it.


It’s very difficult, with head spins and backflips to splits, and a lot of hip-hop and break dancing.


It was almost the end of the song, and we were going to do our final move, when the music cut off. But, like the professionals I am, I decided to finish the routine before I kicked their ass.


“Ok,” I said after we finished and I fist-bumped Cece


“Who turned off the music?” I asked


“I did, I figured I might as well not get my hopes up, because I am never going to be able to do a head spin.” Said Zayn, shyly


“Well, I don’t care if you don’t think you can, because that was a level 10 routine, and you will only be going up to 6.” I told them


“Now,” I said


“You ready for this?”



Thank you guys so much for reading my movella! I will try to update more often, but I hope you like the story so far, 

And thanks again!!!

Paige xx

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