Dance - A Harry Styles Love Story

First Impressions. Hard to overcome a bad one. When you get a the worst first impression possible, can you even consider rethinking it? What if you had to spend everyday for 6 moths with that person. What if your whole currier, no, your whole life was depending on it. And what if, above all else, that horrible first impression, was from Harry Styles.


2. Chapter 1



Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!


I woke up and turned my alarm clock off. Thank god I quit my night job. Now I just have to get through my day one.


Weird. I don't feel any different. Nineteen. Didn't expect it to come so fast.


I got out of bed, my head still pounding form last night, and took a shower. I got dressed in my work clothes (a pink camisole from Victoria Secret and some comfy sweat pants). Yeah that's right. Work on my birthday. But it's not that bad, I love my work. I know that sound's cliché, but I do. You see, my dad owns a dance studio in LA, that’s what first got me into dancing, and I teach there.


But this isn't just some ballet school for five year olds, this is the big leagues. We choreograph for celebrities. I've met more famous people that I could count, and sure it's great, but I don't want to go into the family business, I want to be a professional dancer and I'm going to get their too. I can pretty much do any type of dance, but I prefer hip-hop and contemporary. My dad said if I raise enough money from teaching I can go to any dance academy I chose, but that means I'm stuck at work on my birthday.


I walked down stairs, grabbed an apple, and found a note from my dad.



Hey Sammy,

A new customer is coming today, and I'm giving it over to you completely this time. Don't make me regret it, and don't spend all day in the studio, its your birthday, have fun!

Love you,



Seriously?! I get free rein?! I can make it what I want?! Wow. This is awesome, but I'm going to need some back up.


I pulled put yay IPhone and called my best friend ever, CeCe


Ring, Ring

"Hey Sam! Happy birthday!" she said


"Thanks, guess what? My dad gave me a job all to myself!" I told her excitedly


"Really! That’s great!" she answered


"I was wondering if you wanted to give me a hand?"  I asked


"Seriously? I'd love too!" she answered excitedly


"Great ill meet you at he studio!" I told her


"K, buy!"


I hung up and plugged in my Beats, and turned on the some Bruno Mars. I walked out of my house and started walking to the studio, wanting to get there earlier to work on my audition piece for the dance academy.




When I got to the studio, I saw CeCe waiting for me


"Hey, how long have you been waiting?" I asked her


"Oh only about a minute" she replied and I unlocked the door


We walked in, and CeCe sat down at the front desk


"I'll sit hear until they come, K?" she asked me


"Sure I'm just going to be working on my audition piece in my private studio" I told her


I walked into the studio, and got set up. I plugged my beets into my phone, and put Charlie Brown by Coldplay.


I started to practice and as soon as I was at the bridge, I heard a loud gasp from the front room and then some talking. I figured I would finish my dance and go check on it.


Kept dancing and was about to do the final move when I heard someone clear they're throught behind me.


Seriously?! I mean I was almost done and they just intrude on me in my private studio, no ones except employees are supposed to come in here! I'm so gonna give them a piece of my mind. Ok Sam, time to go into sassy mode.


I stood up straight and slowly turned around with an annoyed look on my face.


When I saw who was standing in front of me there was only one word on my mind.



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