Silent Tears

Angel is the school outsider, but not because sh'e ugly, or dumb, or isn't talented. There's only one thing wrong with her - she can't talk. *For the "speechless' competition*


1. Nothingness

I put on my favorite song, Painting Flowers by All Time Low, slipping in my in-ear-headphones. Walking through the gates, my heart sunk. Another day of pure hell. pfft, they were already starting to murmur about me. Grabbing my notepad, I scribble a note.

What are you looking at now? It reads. I see A few of the populars glare at me. I hear the others all laughing.

"What? Cat got your tongue?" Tiffany yells out, and tears prick my eyes. I feel a hand on my shoulder, and panic. Swivelling around quickly, I see Marc. Grinning, he raises his fist. The tears I was holding in flow as he punches me in the stomach. I can't yell for help, I can't even whimper. my legs giving way, I fall to the ground. hearing the populars laugh as the they kick me.

"Assholes. leave her alone!" I hear someone yell. My head snaps up, to see Ryan. His red hair glaring in the sunlight. I cringe, waiting for him to be hit, but I then realize that Marc can't move.

"Who the fuck is holding me!" he screams with rage, and I hear a small laugh from behind him.

"Hey, No need to get so mad you dipshit." I recognise the voice straight away, Jayden. I smile as Ryan gets Marc back for me: punching Marc in the stomach. jayden releases his grip, and Marc swivels, raising a fist to the thin air. Jayden isn't behind him anymore. I feel a soft pat on my shoulder,looking up, I smile. Jayden's next to me, offering a hand to help me up. I take his hand and pull myself up, my long purple and orange hair falling in front of my eyes.

"You okay?" I hear Ryan ask, then hit himself on the head. "Wait, don't waste the paper, that was a stupid question. Of course you aren't, you just got punched in the stomach." he sighs.

I saw another one from their group, Ethan, run towards me.

"Are you okay!?" he gasped, giving me a hug. My eyes widened in shock.

"Ethan, I think you might have scared her." Ryan laughed as Ethan blushed and pulled away. "Sorry, I was just hoping that you didn't get hurt too much!" he squeaked and ran off.




Hiiiiiiiii guyysss, you can find out what my characters look like on deviant art, so yea. if you wanna know what they look like (anime-style) go on there. Copy and paste this link into your bar to get on my page :)

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