Silent Tears

Angel is the school outsider, but not because sh'e ugly, or dumb, or isn't talented. There's only one thing wrong with her - she can't talk. *For the "speechless' competition*


2. Ethan

Ethan's POV

I ran away, my cheeks scarlet. I'm thirteen. Not five. I shouldn't be hugging girls randomly. Why did I just do that? I mean, I know I like her but, still. I flicked my brown hair away from my eye. I heard a few others gasp as they saw the bright red, glowing eye I had. cringing, I flung myself into another corner, this time, in a small room. After closing the door I sunk to the floor slowly, and hit my head against it. Groaning, I switched on the light. I saw that it wasn't a room, but a narrow passageway. Why was this here? It definately wasn't on the school map. Getting up, I crept down the hall, my breathing quet, my chest heaving from the run I had just made. I felt a sharp pain in my head. Great, a headache. Just what I need. A white shadow crept across my vis- Wait, shadows aren't white. I screamed as a harsh memory comes flooding back into my mind, the day I got my demon's eye, The day I lost everything.




Running, my house was on fire. I heard my mother scream.

"Ettie! Run!" I turned around to see my sister, kneeling near my mother, trying to free her from the beam restricting her leg.

"Elthi!" I called, my small voice yelling as loud as I could.

"Ethan, I can't! Not unless mum is coming too!" she cried back, tears slipping down her face. I turned around, I didn't want to die. Hearing a scream I saw a man pick up my sister, Elthi was thrashing around, trying to get out of his grasp.

"MUM!" she screamed, as our mother was beaten to death before us. I started screaming too as I got yanked up. "Let me go!" I screamed, my small fists bashing the man holding me. I was chucked into a car, Elthie as well, and we were blindfolded. A while later we got taken out of the car, and were lead into a room, which had a operation table on it. Screaming, my sister was pushed down onto the table, and strong metal clasps held her so she wouldn't move.

"ELTHI!" I screamed, my anger getting the better of me, I kicked the man holding me, and screamed as loudly as I could. What happened afterwards broke my heart. My sister's right arm coming off in a clean blow. Both of us screamed, her in pain, and me in shock.

Our screams echoed the hall, causing the men around us to laugh with delight.

"Ethan! Run!" Elthi shouted, and I wriggled out of the man's grasp. Running through the corridor, I came to a dead end.

"Thought you couold get away you little shit? Your sister is getting a new arm, don't worry. but for you/ you're getting a new eye!" he laughed evilly. My brown eyes darting back towards the wall, he dragged me back to another operation table. Elthi was on the other one, a strange, inhuman arm with a mildly clawed hand lay where her real arm used to be. the new one unfitting. The man strapped me down, and raised a knife to my face.

"If you struggle, it will only hurt more!" He giggled, and ploughed the knife into my eye. I screamed, the bloodcurdling scream echoing the hall. Suddenly, I could only see blackness from the right side of my face. I screamed even more, the men sorrounding me cheering and clapping. I felt a sharp pain as i saw the world once more, but different. My left eye showed the world normally, while the right side was covered in a blanket of translucent red.


*flahback end*

I collapsed to flor, my vision blackening as I blacked out.


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