Silent Tears

Angel is the school outsider, but not because sh'e ugly, or dumb, or isn't talented. There's only one thing wrong with her - she can't talk. *For the "speechless' competition*


3. Caitlin

Caitlin's POV


I ran after Ethan, and saw him flick his fringe out of his eyes. Everyone who saw him looked at him freaked out, and i heard Tiffany scream. He turned into a small room, and I followed, but saw the door close. I decided to let him calm down for a bit, and i sat down outside the door. Smiling, I remembered the time I first saw him. I could talk then, we were only eight. But even when I lost my voice he didn't avoid me. Unlike all my old friends, who found no use for me if I couldn't talk. I heard a scream from inside the room, and flung open the door.

I ran through the narrow corridor untill I found Ethan, collapsed on the floor, his hands, as if by themselves, had wrapped around his throat strangling him. Screaming, his eyes fluttered open. I held onto him, closely.

"Caitlin?" he asked me curiously, and I let go of him. my cheeks turned as red as his right eye. I grabbed my sketchbook, and started writing.


"Are you ok?" I wrote, and showed him. He nodded, and held my face in his hands. We sat like that for a while, untill I took his hands off my face, and gave him a hug instead, my arms wrapped around his back, my fingertips touching the bottom of his neck. Forgetting I couldn't speak, I tried to say something. What came out instead was a small sound, like a cat. i could still laugh, and I burst into a fit of giggles.

He pulled back, smiling, then without a word, our lips toched. I felt a sensation that felt like fireworks arouse in my heart. We broke the kiss, and without hesitation, he said three words I would never forget.

"I Love You"

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