6. This MUST Be A Dream

Authors Note: Im so sorry I havent updated in awhile, just living the busy life! enjoooooy(:


Emma's POV:

It's mid day, and everyone is bored, sitting around in my house, eating, drinking, talking, and being loud.

While I'm upstairs enjoying the sound of my favorite songs, Ashley storms through the door holding a bag of bread, her hair is flying, and her eyes wide open.

"This bread is good right?" She shouted standing still holding the bread out closer to my face. "Are you okay Ash?" I asked and put my hand on the bread pushing it from my face. "I'm fine!!" She shouted and walked away. "Okay.. Oh and the bread is good!" I shouted back sticking my head out of the door before she walked down the stairs.

I heard Niall ask her something but I ignored it closing my door.

I'm glad that me and Ashley went to to the concert, it's so worth it, maybe Ashley even has her future boyfriend. Wink wink! We've made some awesome friends! Now looking at them you'd think that they'd just be some cool chill guys, but their talented, cool chill guys!

I got distracted out of thought as I heard something downstairs, yelling was it? I slowly got up from my bed wondering what In the world was going on. My door creaking when opening, listening to the voices downstairs.. "I think I really really really like Emma.." I heard Liam say. What? We barely know eachother.. Things could move to fast! Wait.. It could be their friend Emma, not me of course, but a different one ya know? Uhg! All these voices going through my head is so frustrating.. Maybe I should just go down there?

I slowly tiptoed down to the stairs as saw everyone huddled around Liam. "Hey guys! What's all the shouting about?" I asked, pretending I didn't know anything. "Hey Emma." Zayn said and walked over to me wrapping his arm around my neck, "You know what? Me, the boys, and Ashley will leave you to alone." He said and walked away with everyone else.

"So, what's up Liam?" I asked and sat down next to him sitting my hands on my knees. "Heh, um, nothing, just.. Chilling." He said..kinda. He grabbed his hands and fiddled with his fingers. The tension between us was.. Awkward and silent.. I have to think I something to break the awkwardness.
"When are you guys heading back on tour?" I asked, scooting a little closer to him. He didn't answer, he just sat there staring across the room. He breathed in, "Emma. I like you." He shouted and swung his head facing me. My eyes got big, I could not believe what he just told me. My body felt like I was exploding, and a smile creeped onto the side of my lips. "And I know you think this is to fast to like someone, but your different, and your so funny, and I could go on and on about everything I like about you. I'm sorry if this is to fast paced, I just had to tell you." He said and buried his head in his hands. I sat my hand on his shoulder, "I like you to... Liam." I whispered. His head suddenly rises from his hands and he looked me in the eyes, his face still sad looking, but changed into a nice beautiful smile, that I loved. "That's awesome." He smiled and hugged me. "But we can't date, I prefer we get to know eachother more. Dinner tonight?" He smiled, and I nodded, I looked over and saw everyone peeking their heads from the backdoor.

I giggled a bit and got up. "I'll be cooking." Liam winked. "Alright mr. Payne." Harry then walked in and just had to shout, "In the arse!" Everyone bursted out laughing and plopped on the couch.

Liam walked over to the kitchen and started cooking up the dinner he was making.
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