5. Teaser

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(Sorry if the beginning is funky, I'm like spazzing while listening to 'Summer love' that's like.. The sexiest song ever!! Ahhkkkkk! *_*

.:::Emma's POV:::.

I walked over to the bathroom stalls as Ashley and Niall chatted it up, I think they are like meant to be together or something! Their an adorable couple- they'd make an adorable couple!

Going to the beach was a fantastic idea, I've been stressing alot since I started working at McDonald's, the customers can be.. Extremely rude and disrespectful, so the fact of just relaxing and hangin out with my best friend, and some of my almost best friends was a great and refreshing idea.

I slipped on my shorts and shirt after changing my bathing suit and glanced in the mirror to check my appearance, not to shabby.

“Emma!” I heard Harry shout from the other side of the beach, “Yes?” I said and walked over towards him a bit. “We were thinking maybe to see you again? You guys are like our soon to be best friends- let me correct that, PRACTICALLY BEST FRIENDS!” He shouted and squeezed the brains out of my butt as his arms squeezed my waist, “Harry! Please stop, I feel like I'm gonna poop my brains out!” I shouted, he chuckled and let go. “Thank dude..” I said.

-2 Hours Later:

“I really really really think I have..” Liam said but stopped, what was going to come out?

Authors Note: Duh duh duuuuuuh! What's gonna happen?! OMG! Maybe he's got cancer! Or or or or or... He's gay! Vote for more(;

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