8. Mansion

❤ Yes, im updating,& I'm very sorry I haven't, it's been awhile, I've just been buuuuusy, I know everyone says that, lol, but anywaaay, here's the update. & sorry for the last few crappy updates, I've been to busy to make em long, but I'm making this one long.. Okay, so before I write 173882 pages of crap &apologys , here it is.(:
Ps, check out 1Ds video for One Way Or Another! It's so sexy! Especially if you wanna see Niall rubbing his naked body! OH HELL YES!! ;)

Liam's POV-

So, we're just now leaving the movies, we watched Warm Bodies, awesome movie! Well, so on everyone had a great time, we had laughs and almost peeing our pants. I sat close to Emma as we all were in the van waiting for approaching the house, right now we are all heading to the family house, which is the 10 bedroom mansion, It's about 5 PM, and were all already tired, from here to the mansion is about an hour and a half drive, so half of us were already passed out except Me, Ashley, Harry, and Emma.

We posted out newest music video we redid by Blondie, some of you may have heard of them. It's for charity, and I'm very great full that we did it for the charity!

I looked over to see Emma playing on we phone, and Ashley almost passed out, and for Harry, he was driving, so there was no way he was falling asleep. I sighed as I looked at Emma's beautiful face, she's the most beautiful girl I've ever met, I really hope to become her future boyfriend, it would be amazing. She turned off her phone and leaned her head on my shoulder and she let out a sigh and looked up at me, "Liam?" "Yes?" I said, my heart almost pounding hard enough for it to fly out of my chest. "Your an amazing guy." She smiled and looked me in the eyes, I shouldn't of looked in hers because I felt like I was melting, her eyes were so gorgeous, no matter if she had makeup on them or not, she was a natural beauty. I must've been staring for awhile because she turned away. "I'm sorry, I-I.." I stuttered and couldn't finished, she just turned her head and looked at me with a questioning face. "I was lost in your eyes.." I mumbled a bit, looking down at
My hands. She blushed and covered her mouth slowly turning away. I saw Harry look up at the rear-view-mirror and wiggle his eyebrows. I'm assuming he heard everything. She just kept her body still, looking over outside the window.

Emma's POV -
He didn't answer, he was just staring at me, I couldn't really understand if it was an awkward, grossed out, surprised, happy, or mad stare, so I just turned my head over and ignored it until he spoke up, "I'm sorry, I-I.." He stuttered, I thought that was adorable, "I was lost in your eyes.." He spoke, he looked nervous. I blushed at his comment and turned my head covering my
Mouth with my hand, trying to believe this is actually happening, and expect myself to be waking up any second. I heard Harry turn up he music, and by then Niall was up partying with him in the passenger seat. I giggled a hit and rested my head gently on
Liam's shoulder, sniffling
In his cologne. I felt my eyes get heavy very fast and found myself sleeping.

Liam's POV -
About 50 minutes has past, we just got off the highway, everyone is passed out now, except me, Harry, and Niall, and of
Course the way Niall is he made us go to McDonalds for lunch.
I started thinking about how much fun this trip is going to be with some cool people, and my best mates.

"WERE HERE!" Harry shouted and parked into the huge gravel parking lot. I shook Emma lightly and she woke up immediately. "Where am I? Where!" She shouted, "Emma. Calm down. We're at the mansion." I said, and gently grabbed her shoulders. "Oh, right." She giggled a bit. Everyone else was up and we all started walking towards the building.

Louis grabbed the key and unlocked the door revealing the beautiful house I haven't seen in what feels like forever. " I miss this place!" Zayn said and ran over to the living room immediately turned on the xBox 360.

Niall stormed to the kitchen, most likely remembering the huge pantry we had. Harry just sat their, with Ashley, and me and Emma were just looking around.
"Gorgeous place." She smiled, "yeah, how about I show you your room?" I smiled and she nodded, we walled up the shiny wood stairs and I Opened the bedroom door, her mouthed dropped and her eyes got huge, "this is gorgeous!" She shouted and walked over to the bed, "Yeah, well we have about 3 or 4 girl bedrooms, you never know." I smiled and she smiled back and walked over to the closet, "clothes to?" She asked, "yeah, we didn't know what size of clothes to put in their so we just put all, and there's a walk in closet." I said and giggled a bit at the fact she was freaking out. "This is so amazing, thank you."
She smiled and I kissed her cheek. , making her blush a bit. "Oh! Ashley's room is right next to yours, I know you are bestfriends and stuff," I smiled, "your seriously the best."

I just smiled, I looked down at my phone and saw it was 9. "We should probably go to bed, we wanna get rest for a active and fun day." I laughed and hugged her goodnight, shouting to the boys it was time to.

I walked over down the hall to my older bedroom, enjoying the time I have in it until we leave, we really haven't been here in a year and a half, so it means a lot to be back.

Stripping down the my boxers I opened the covers and got in the comfortable bed.

Drifting off to sleep..
Authors Note: Okay, so the truth is, I haven't been updating loads because I've lost inspiration, I'm going to try and find some today! Haha, but anyway, I hope you enjoyed the whole Liam & Emma thing (;

V O T E/C O M M E N T. ♥
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