9. Amusement Park

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Emma's POV •
I woke up to the sun beaming through the window, the sun hitting my skin bringing a warm feeling to my body. I moved out of the bed and slipped on my slippers and walked to my closet, today I felt confident, like it was going to be a really good day. Liam asked me to go on a date with him tonight and I'm kinda nervous, but I know everything will be fine because i'll be with him.

He's truly an amazing guy, you'd think he'd just be like any other popster singer, but he's very
Different, and so are the other boys, that's something I really love about them.

I changed in to a light pink sweater, with my skinny jeans, and converse. I walked into the bathroom and turned on the sink, grabbing my face wash and a clean cleanser. I applied the cleaner and rubbed it on my face and started working on it.

By now I finished everything, except my hair. I think I'll just go for the natural loose pony tail.
I walked down the stairs and saw everyone already eating, I smiled and approached Ashley and hugged her. "Hey sleepy head." I giggled a bit and patted her messy bed head. "Hey." Liam said and smiled, he pushed a plate of fruit, yogurt, and granola over to me. "That looks So good, thank you!" I smiled and grabbed a spoon and began to dig in.

I looked up and saw Ashley leaning into Niall shoulder, and she sat her head there. They are so cute, like, I've never seen anyone as cuter, they'd make the perfect couple. Well, they will make the cutest couple! I took the last bite of my fruity stuff and placed it in the sink thoroughly rinsing it. I felt someone come behind me and grab my shoulder, I turned to see who it was and Liam appeared. " Are you ready?" He asked and I nodded and smiled.

We both waved goodbye and hugged everyone as we walked out. Liam, being the gentleman he is, opened the car door for me and smiled as I got in. "Thank you." He just returned a smile and walked to the other side.

Once he was in we were approaching the place we were going. "You like rides right?" He asked, "what kinda rides?" I asked, "Roller coasters." "Kinda, they scare me sometimes, it depends on how it's built. Why?" I asked and raised my eyebrows, "oh I don't know. No reason.." He said and slowly trailed off. I giggled a bit because I knew he was Lying.

We pulled up to a place, I'm assuming was a amusement park. "Really?" I chuckled. He nodded and un-buckled his belt and got out of the car. He opened my door and put his hand out for support to get out, I smiled and gently grabbed his hand getting out of the car.

We walked up to the counter and Liam payed for our bracelets. I slipped it onto my wrist and we both raced to the Ferris Wheel. Of course, I won. "Your fast!" He shouted a few feet away from me. I just laughed and we both got our bracelets scanned and we got on. "Nobody's on here, wow!" I shouted surprised at the emptiness of the Ferris Wheel. It started moving and I was startled and grabbed Liam's hand. I fel shivers through my body and realized our eyes were already staring into each others.

We were up at the top of the wheel, so I got closer to him. He looked into my eyes again, and began to lean in. Oh my gosh, this is just a dream, c'mon Emma, wake up, it's a dream, this can't be happening.

Well, it's not a dream. Our lips were touching and I felt fireworks going off everywhere, my stomach tingling and my heart racing. He's amazing.

He leaned back and kept our eyes connected. "Will you go out with me?" He asked and stated at me with his gorgeous brown puppy eyes. I knew the answer, I always have. "Of course." I whispered and kissed him again, I bit my lip and smiled.

We both got off and ran to another ride, he is going to be the best boyfriend ever.

Authors Note: How Was it?! This chapter.. Had to be final and they HAD to go out, I couldn't stand writing chapters of them not dating anymore, uuuuhg!! Haha, don't forget to VOTE/COMMENT! ♥♥
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