Flames of Love-~ A Leo Valdez Love Story

Shaide Knight always knew she wasn't normal.It was the shock of her life when she found out she was a demigod. She didnt expect to be the daughter of Ares and Hecate, with the curse of always needing the taste of revenge. The first time she met Leo, during her little trip in the woods on her first day, she found him in bunker 9, working. She thought he was a little demon. He was cocky, obnoxious, idiotic, and well, you get it. But when she was forced on a quest with him to save her Best friends, Lyla Moore and Lea Hills, she finds out he's not all bad. He's perfect.


1. What just happened?!?!

‘God, why is ‘Greek’ class so boring sometimes? I don’t need to know about how the Greek and Latin root words contribute to the English language in such a very big way! I want to learn about some gods! Ares in particular…’ I thought while listening to my teacher, Mr. Brunner, drone on……and on……and on, and on…… I am like, half asleep right now, and not getting any more awake. All I’m waiting for is that little itty bitty clock on the right wall to turn 3:15 so I can get out of this prison people call ‘school’ and be able to go to the school gym. I need to punch something. Like really, really, really, really freakin’ hard. I’ve had the worst day! First I woke up late so I couldn’t get ready, leaving my red/orange hair in a mess, NOT STRAIGHTENED!!! Also, I couldn’t put on my makeup, so my pale peach skin looked like Bella Swan gone zombie (that would be a great idea for a movie!!).  I didn’t have breakfast, leaving me hungry until lunch. And of course, with my luck, I forget my lunch money, ending up stealing some nerd’s sack lunch, which was PB & J, which I hate! Then Kerri Lancer, head of the “P.F.P(Popular Fashion Police)”, had to come over and insult my black skinny jeans, olive green and black camo t-shirt, black leather vest, fingerless black gloves, and combat boots, with the compliment of my blood red boar necklace. She said it wasn’t “fashion savvy” enough and that it was “too boyish for a girl”. Although she did compliment it by saying “It does bring out your eyes!” My eyes are brown with a little tiny bit of light blue and green. There’s nothing to bring out! I swear sometimes I could just wring my fingers around her neck!! “Class don’t forget you have to read and do pages 50 through 60 in your English text book. It’s due tomorrow. And I assigned it to you on Monday and its Thursday so you should have it done, Ms. Shaide Knight.” Mr. Brunner told us, looking directly at me. Oh swizzle fizzle! I totally forgot. Now I have 10 pages of homework to read AND do all of the freakin’ problems. Suddenly I felt a hand clasp my shoulder. I instinctively turned around with my fists up covering my face, ready to punch whoever is behind me. I guess I just have that kind of nature and instincts. I calmed down when I saw it was my best friend, Grover Underwood. “Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Shaide calm down it’s just me! Ready to go pick up Lyla and Lea and go get some pizza? I’m starving!” He said, all excited and jittery, like he just had 12 cups of coffee. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did, this boy LOVES coffee with a capital LOVES! “Yeah C’mon let’s go.” I replied to him, slanging my back pack over my shoulder. I heard my phone buzz in my pocket to see one text from Lyla saying ‘Are you guys coming to our art class yet? Lea’s getting impatient.’ I quickly replied ‘Yeah we’ll be there in like, 5 minutes ok?’ I quickly replied. I put my phone back into my pocket as Grover got his crutches (he’s crippled) and came back over to me. We started walking out the door.  And that’s when a manticore decided to crash into our classroom. What Just Happened?!?!

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